Should be more girls turning into Gyarus in Manga

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Especially the nerdy looking girls

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Honestly I thought the immorals gyaruification chapter was a bit weak.

they should corrupt the morals chair too.

Finally I found who the gyaru in Aharen-san reminded me of.

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I agree.

What is the source? sauceNAO gives nothing.

i concur, and not just because it is my fetish
throwing characters into unfamiliar situations is the most basic form of conflict, and changing appearence is a natural extension of that
bonus points if there's actual character progression and it's not just another episodic goof

>no glasses
If this is what it takes to summon the morals gyaru, then no thank you.

Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu

>It's just a one off gag
Well, fuck me I guess.

Just photoshop it on

No it was used a couple of times already, you've not heard of the legend of Nenepon.

Love her, good natured gyarus good and cute
Here's your glasses girl

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imouto gyaru and sensei gyaru was better

Obviously two of the best girls are going to be better than Takahama. sensei gyaru need to come back with reduced inhibitions and bone daisuke

Which girls haven't been gyaruified yet?

>Should be more girls turning into Gyarus in Manga
The fact that you ask this exposes that you don't read that much manga nor care to actually look for the ones you like.

i only like deliquent gyarus

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Suzu and Chiaki

He didn't "ask" anything, ESL.

This is the only gyaru I worship.

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The best example I can think of is this sickeningly sweet hentai.

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