Chainsaw man

They practically had sex here.

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Spoiler that shit this is a blue board.


>Murders the hype for his own manga

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What the fuck is wrong with you faggots?

Nothing. What's wrong with you?

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Where is reze.
We want reze
Give us reze.

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Here's your Reze

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She got fucked by Angel, remember?


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Chainsoi Man

chainsoy isn't filtered

Why are you so delusional, schizo?

Chainsaw Man isn't for you virgins. They had passionate gay sex unlike you incels.

*pins you down and has passionate gay sex with you*
now what

Since Chainsaw man is officially dead in the water right now. Should I pick up SxF or finish reading JJK? I left off on Chapter 158 for jjk.

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You should kill yourself

That's not nice user.

What happened to the hype?

Asa killed it

Denji massacred it

It's inevitable when there's a chapter every 2 weeks. So stop asking.

wait a year and only read the Denji chapters of this manga and assume any that utilize asa or yoru as the lead as filler garbage to skip


Holy filtered brainlet

How do homosexuals keep complaining about being oppressed when they keep trying to force every instance of male affection as homosexual.