Does nothing

>does nothing
>kakashi recommends her for the chunin exam
fucking DROPPED

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Back in the day, Sakura was the head of the team. Sasuke was strong and Nart was the protag but she actually had plans and such.

Kill yourself, narutard.

I think only full teams could participate, so it's not like he had a choice.

I wonder why

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She managed to not die. That's more a feather than you might think.

Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal user can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad. However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up. Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Any Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfags to show their faces here.

It gets worse then that user. She becomes lady tsunadei apprentice...just because

I mean to be fair compared to the other girls in her year group, Sakura was actually quite strong, so if they were going to compete it's no wonder Kakashi would think she would be fine.

Anyway as it was later pointed out the exams were an all or nothing kind of deal. Kakashi had to recommend her, otherwise Sasuke and Naruto couldn't try out. I think the real question though was why did Kakashi think Naruto or Sasuke should go into the chunin exam? Neither were not going to get promoted so why bother?

It's funny how this pasta doesn't actually talk about the show at any point.

>does nothing
>carried through the hunter exam
>nearly becomes chairman
fucking DROPPED

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This can be easily ctrl+f+replace naruto with zoomersaw

he has superhuman physical abilities even without nen. he kept up during the first stage run, he had the mental fortitude to continue. he dove into the ravine and grabbed the spider egg without dying. the tournament was designed to almost be a free win with only one person failing, anyone who made it to the final stage was already qualified. trick tower? the badge hunt? ok, he was hard carried. but he had mental fortitude, superhuman ability, a desire to succeed. he would pass a less combative version of the exam, maybe Cheadle's exam. Netero just wanted strong people to fight and twisted the exam to suit that end

Just because you're recommended for the chunin exam doesn't mean you're actually qualified to be a chunin. That's why it's an exam.

This but any guild quest line in skyrim

That's the power of charisma. The "magnetic hero that can create allies out of anyone" in HxH is Leorio, and he used his impromptu popularity to secure favors and form friendships with important and prominent people. He's probably still incredibly popular within the Hunter Association.

she's the forced diversity, like negroes are in every western production.

Sakura was literally the weakest kunoichi

Should've just made her the defacto "smart one" instead of Shikamaru.

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>Sakura was actually quite strong
No she was not. The only thing Sakura had going for her was her good chakra control but in terms of overall power and skill she was completely outclassed by everyone in her year group that graduated to become Genin. Even Hinata would have trounced her ass in a genuine fight.