Kaguya 275

Why is hayasaka so slutty?
Do women really get jealous when they see other women enjoy having a partner?

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>It's a forced Osaragi redemption chapter
No wonder the thread is barren.

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Oh, memetlchild is back.

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End of dump.
Finally the manga is ending. Only a couple of chapters left

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Unironicaly irl women are more attracted to a man in a relationship than a single one

>No wonder the thread is barren
The thread may be barren but kasiwagi's belly isn't

Typical women, they do this too with films, latching onto existing popular franchises instead of making their own. I heard james bond is now a black woman

Previous chapter thread was empty as well. Been a while since we hit a bump limit.

Not the guy you're talking to, but can you elaborate? I haven't been to these threads since jag stopped scanlating.

Not the guy you're talking to, but I find it hard to believe.