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light is the protagonist and hero

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How many more of these threads need to happen before you retarded faggots learn that antagonists and protagonists are terms to denote the position of character roles in a given piece of literature and aren't descriptors based off of a character's moral alignment

I thought this was an 18+ board, so why do some of you act like you never took literature class


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>I don't know what an antagonist is
>I was merely pretending to be retareded

Isn't Light an anti-hero?

the first half of the manga has Light and L at a more of less balance between protagonism and antagonism

No it hasn't, throughout the entire story the focus is and always has been on Light. Occasional chapters that show what L is thinking about does not make him a co-protagonist
The only real exception is Misas introduction, since we were meant to be mislead that it is Light that is doing those Kira shenanigans instead of a new character

>literally ended war and cut crime down to an almost non existent level
>I'm supposed to believe he's a "bad guy"

nukes ended world wars too. I wouldn't call them tools of peace though

Kira was coming for lazy people next.

>Kills anyone who dares to question his faggot actions
Gee I wonder why

anyone who wants evil people to not be executed has some skeletons in his closet as well
good for him, we humans could be living in paradise already if we didn't protect lazy fucks

Giving death sentence for every crime or misdemeanor is retarded.

Nah, he is the protagonist and the villain. But he could have not been the villain if he wasn't so imbued with his power

Light is the Villain Protagonist. L and Near are Heroic Antagonists. Protagonist means the main character, and antagonist is the one with the most conflict with the main character.

>anyone who wants evil people to not be executed has some skeletons in his closet as well
Tell that to pic related, although irl all glowies deserve painful deaths

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Light is a villain-protagonist, edge-kun.

I always find it funny how quickly he becomes a Turbo Asshole with evil face and kinky laughter. If someone does not laugh with red light in their eyes, the viewer can't understand that he is evil?

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