Classroom of the Elite

Who is the Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki of this series?

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Ichika is the twintails redhair

stfu 5toubun isn't a standard to romcom

Quint Ichika = Chiaki, Haruka or Satou
Nino = Kei or Kushida
Miku= Airi or Hiyori
Yotsuba = Arisu or Ichika (for the cf role, cannot find a good match since next)
Itsuki = Ichinose (portrayal of saint mother) or Nanase

Nanase is a dog, a nice smelling dog

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Kanzaki best boy

Kanzaki deserves Himeno gf. Bet he'll make her scream in bed

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Miku-Teruhiko/Deguzaru fag/Kito

I love Karuizawa Kei.

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how to get Himeno gf

peipa shafuru

Find a girl who tries to fit in, but isn't really comfortable in the group and talk to her about it. Then tell her to scream really loud somewhere she can't be heard.

Ryuuen x Suzune OTP

>only 53

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Tick tock Keifags
The endgame is inevitable

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Please don't shitpost with Honami. Just wait patiently, she'll get her turn very soon.

With who? Ayanokouji or Nagumo?

Ichika's text made me think of pic rel

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The promise to meet at the end of their second year inches closer and closer

That's where your mistake lies. The fandom are twitterfags

post her art then

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