Komi cant

what was her deal in that series

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Yandere dyke, that's her personality.

Why is this manga so full of gay jokes?

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She was annoying at first but now i kinda wanna fuck her.

I always liked her, she was a cool friend to komi

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was she worse than Kaorin from Azumanga?


will we get a season 3?

or did things get wrapped up in s2

What is his endgame?

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Psycho Lesbian.

Because homosexuality itself is a joke.

silent loner

she wanted the mute ass
cant blame her
there was going to be an announcement today

Would literally huff the shit out of her love interest's ass, that's wut.

>there was going to be an announcement today
really? nice

Did they up her screentime in the anime? I don't remember much of her after the kidnapping, but I didn't like watching the anime after seeing her so much. So I stopped. Did they atleast get to the Komi rape scene?

umm, what?

Make it through highschool without getting a Hitomi wife.


who is the blond?

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Wonder what happen to Ichou, could had been more interesting if she showed up in the latest chapter

Manbagi Rumiko, Komi's first friend in her 2nd year. Was a love rival for Tadano before he rejects her for Komi. They are all still friends, but now in different classes. Now sorta in the backburner with all the other friends for sake of progression.