Remember that touching the fluffy tail is always the correct option

Remember that touching the fluffy tail is always the correct option.

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What if you're scared of the backlash?

Touch the fluffy tail. Or else.

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I had a dream about a fox girl watching over me as I washed dishes
>tfw no sex dream


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What is the worst that could happen?

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Oh sure you can touch the fluffy tail after you've married her and prepared yourself to spend the rest of your life supporting her.

Was there any other way? That was well known from the beginning.

From the thumbnail I thought that was Rice Shower

You get killed.

I miss this show so bad.

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Me too but at the same time every episode made me want to fucking kill myself

You'll get over that eventually. Now I enjoy it from it time to time, maybe my brain has turned to full mofu mofu at this point.

And so I [x] touch fluffy tail.

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Good man

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foxes have smelly anal glands and all sorts of parasites up their butts