ITT:pre-1995 anime BUT

anime that are not too famous
no Gundam, Akira, Dragonball, Laputa, etc.

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why 95'?

Because OP is retarded redditor and thinks watching literal who boomer anime makes him special.

neck yourself newfag

There has to be a cutoff somewhere. probably going for a happy medium before the year where it's too early for many anons to offer suggestions

I understand the norm on Any Forums is doing everything but watching anime, but OP, who maybe does sound a bit new, is probably just looking for interesting shows rather than trying to be special.

otherwise it's gonna be
>Cowboy Bebop
etc. all the famous ones and they'll start writing lengthy essays about digital colouring and how JRPG's ruined anime

>sound a bit new
And that's why he should fuck off.
You're not fooling anyone tourist, fuck off back to where you came from.

I do wish they did finish the series. The first box set was great. Ultimately, probably too few peoples cared to be profitable.

Watch Martian Successor Nadesico, Dragon Half, Slayers, Next, Try, Excellent, and the movie. Don't post here again until you've completed them all.

You're not fooling anyone.

Ys II is definitely a hidden gem. One of the best video game adaptation I've seen.

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Take the X Train

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Ai City

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Nice rec thread

Daitarn 3

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Post Yawara in cute clothes.

how did JRPGs ruin anime?

good shit

T. Seasonal

>anime that are not too famous
>posts Yawara

You should specify "anime that is not famous in the west" because Yawara was fucking huge over in Japan.

about halfway through when he gets captured, this is the most phenomenal thing i have ever seen, thank you so much, i love this old shit. animation and style was superb and not afraid to make characters look "ugly"

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