This is one of the most retarded things I've ever read. I love it. What did you think of it?

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The invasion arc was terrible but everything else was great.

It’s such a shame that the invasion arc wasn’t that great. It could’ve been done so much better if the main aliens in the arc weren’t just giant horse-faced humans

I see this hot slut Reika in hentai and fanart all the time, so I was initially interested in getting into Gantz, but then it turns out she dies after having sex with the MC or something and my interest died along with her.

had fun with the anime, had A LOT OF FUN with the manga, will read again when I'm like 50

That’s not what happens at all

i don't know what you were watching but it was not Gantz.

Last thing had too much plot armor for tae. Too much tae-chaaaan and kurono-kuuun. It breaks the pacing of the counter attack, which should have been expended on and would have benefited from being better drawn. The new characters were dope, and cherry going metal was great. I didn't really like how team tokyo went from being a tightly knit group to barely caring about each other after the dude with glasses and the old man died. heck they don't even remember Cherry until the last page.
I liked Reika a lot. She's one of my favorite female characters. I'll never understand why Oku decided to take a fat shit on her right after giving her closure by making her reincatnate as kurono's mother in his next life. Metaphysical levels of cucking don't sit well with me.

everything went to shit after that godly designed Nurarihyon alien

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Reika>>>>>>>Tae in every conceivable way
Aside from the rushed ending, this is the only thing I disliked

Lara croft was better than both

Didn't even need to go that far, manga should've ended after Kei was free and lost his memory.
Manga started on the railway station and should've ended there

That was Lara croft, Reika shows up later in the manga.

Did the japanese even liked Tae? such a bad character

its a fun manga. worth a read.

reika a best girl

>Corrin huffing glue

lol lmao .

This one. It really went down the drain.

She was cute

She swallows