Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri
Why is Chinatsu such a pervert

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Did you draw that?

I wish

>implying anyone but Namori could draw that

its from the Fuwa Namori Sketch Book

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heres a very cute Yoke

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I wanna sniff Brat ass.

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based brat ass poster

Aren't most Yurus more perverted than Chinatsu-chan?

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Why can't he just draw porn already
there are already the sexiests characters in all of manga history

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Cute and canon.



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I often forget that there are women in the world that are worth anything, please forgive me

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Post Yui hugging a pillow

The subtlety of her expression is genuinely impressive

The subtlety of her butt fangs as well!!

Kyouko, Chitose, Chizuru, Yui, Himawari, Rise are more perverted
Akari, Brat, Ayano less
But she drew porn in the past

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Himawari literally showing of her ass what is wrong with this boobmonster

Himawari and China have already assumed position.

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You are granted the ability to curse one yuru with a futa cock, it will only go away if they have sex, who do you curse?

TYO are fucking dogs for what they made Chitose look like

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Look at this and tell me this design is better than Dogakobo's

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