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The ending was good.

She should've won.

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Never actually saw the ending myself since it was on some weird ova or something and the streaming service I originally watched it on didn't have it

The manga ending was so poorly received that the entire 3rd season got canceled mid-production and they just scrapped together the last two episodes. IIRC it was packaged with the tankobon.

S1 is my favorite romcom ever.
OP and ED1 are some of my favorites

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Favorite romcom for sure. The characters and their interactions are great.
Sure the ending feels disappointed but it really seems like it's one of those that's somewhat easy to ignore and replace it with your own headcanon by just projecting the development of the characters to what would be their logical conclusions.

what would it be like to have an eri gf?

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Why did Kobayashi disappear? Did people hate the ending and Natsu no Arashi that much?

IIRC what they did was that they had two-cours written out but only animated the finale, with the remaining "episodes" only existing as summaries. Not sure why they did that though.

Eri is sex

natsu no arashi is great

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Great cast, good -com, awful rom-.

Relatable character.
Watched it a few weeks ago. Pandered well to my likes with the episodic rom–emphasis on the com style. I liked it. Though it did feel a bit too long, for binging anyway.

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The cripple won

Probably still one of the best romcoms to date.
Also helps that the protag is a bit different from the norm.

Main issue with the manga ending is that everyone knows who "won" since it's all but confirmed, but the author didn't really create a proper "ending".

The one who wins is the logical winner. It's basically been built up to for a majority of it and they had the best growth of their relationship.

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Erikeks will never win anything in their lives. Mikochin had a random boyfriend for two episodes, instead of joining the harima harem. Yakumo is the only option.

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I think it's crazy that a series where one of the pivotal aspects of what made it entertaining in the first season was that it was a "romcom" with zero romance reached a point where all of the discussion is about who "wins" without a trace of humor.

>one of the pivotal aspects of what made it entertaining in the first season was that it was a "romcom" with zero romance
Things that never happened.

I watched a few episodes and didn't find it funny so I dropped it. It was very bland.