Saiyan girls

Imagine dating a Saiyan Stacy. Those superior genes capable to create strong offspring. I want a Saiyan gf so much

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sorry user, this are your saiyans now.

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If she was a young Teenager I wouldn't mind. 14-15 sounds about right.

I fucking hate Toriyama's new designs.

>one saiyan and one viltrumite

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Tamaraneans do it for me

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Tube tops and baggy pants are my fetish. Toriyama knows me so well.

There is something insanely attractive about a saiyan woman. Her hot-headed nature, the aggressive and animistic impulse exuding from her. The tomboyish vibe and that domineering gaze. I can't pin it down but good GOD do I want to breed one.

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I only need Kale.

To be my fucksleeve in her normal state.

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Sub goes super saiyan, now you're the bitch

Repeat every single night

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Saiyan women are basically even more exaggerated versions of human cunts. Don't give me bullshit about I'm stronger I can tame them bullshit. Realistically speaking due to their wiring they would be disgusted by human men because they would be too weak. Remember this scene from Dragon Ball Z with Yamcha to Chichi and Bulma...

Bulma and Chichi are shitty cunts. Now imagine that but with super saiyan powers and capabilities, that's what saiyan women would be like. Human men would have no chance at all. And don't bother saying Krillin tamed Android 18, the ugly no nose bald midget only got Android 18 because she's not a saiyan for startes so her biology is different and Akira Toriyama openly said Krillin and Android 18 hooked up to keep her relevant. Otherwise Android 18 would disappear from the franchise entirely and would never be seen during the Buu arc. Anyway saiyan women as stated are more exaggerated versions of shitty females like Bulma and Chichi.

A saiyan female would sooner go on a quest to use the Dragon Balls to revive planet vegeta to bring back her species than ever accept human mates.

>implying they would be smart enough to do that when even Vegeta hasn't done it

Bulma being human tamed the prince of the saiyans. The epitome of saiyanhood. Don't tell me that taming saiyans is impossible

Vegeta has not revived his old civilization and people because he's a bastard. He's simply an uncaring shitty bastard and combine that with typical bad writing by Toriyama as well.

So why would saiyan women be written well?

Bulma is female and has a different approach to sexual relations. Look it's not about Dragon Ball, in general across all of fiction from many cultures the stereotype of Men Are Beta Losers For Cunts is active. That's all you need to understand. Men like being bitched out by cunts. Men like being treated like shit by bossy bitches. Men Are Losers. This is a universal preference for the vast majority of men in real life. Naturally it happens in fiction written by no doubt beta loser men like Akira Toriyama himself. You need to drop the idea that men are mostly chads and nonsense like that. Most men are spineless wusses in front of a woman.