One Piece

Name ONE crew that can beat them

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Not like this...

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Only people here worth their salt are Mihawk and Kuma. The rest are memes

1.0 billion berry bounty
1.6 billion berry bounty
1.9 billion berry bounty



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Buggy beats them all because of plot. Checkmate cucks.

Post Cute and Canon

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Mihawk? Yonko level stronger than Shanks could've become a Yonko easily if he really wanted to but choice the peaceful life instead
Boa? First commander level took out many of Blackbeard's commanders higher bounty many of the first commander first mats like Zoro,King and Marco
Crocodile? at least first commander level at the bare medium has a higher bounty than Zoro
Jinbei?official member of the strawhats second commander level has a higher bounty than Sanji
Warlordchads? winning
You? kneeling.

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>-New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black wings
Can Smoker and Tashigi do literally ANYTHING right?

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Monukeri dee rofui

The Mugiwaras? They only legitimately lost to Bisoromi Bear.


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BB crew

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What about tanjilando lofulamingo of the seven gods of pirate?

Weaker than Mihawk
>Benn Beckman
Weaker than Crocodile
>Lucky Rouge
Weaker than Boa
Weaker than Jimbei
>The rest
Weaker than Doflamingo

If those are actual kids and not just robots, the Marines are becoming cartoonish evil. And that says something when they were already protecting slavers, pirate tyrants and actively killing entire populations to hide the true history.

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there is some truth to what ricky has said

Theyre all second yonk commander tier+

>Weaker than Crocodile
No way, didn't he have conquerors haki?


>[Headcanon] thank [headcanon]
Which one of those war"lords" managed to make a an Admiral kneel by staring at him telepathically.

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Gotta win the war someway, wait until they start using chemical weapons to deal with pirates, you have no idea how depraved will Oda make them by the final war.

I wonder if this is why we didn't see Smoker and Tashigi at the Reverie
They lost faith in the Marines and turned renegade

Green bull is a homophobe and didnt appreciate someone flashing their coc

They would be quite a menace, especially if they brought their mooks with them.
The problem is they would not like each other, and would either turn on one another, or just quit the group when they couldn't agree to anything.

Im going to hate it when its revealed that haki is some genetic/brain chip bs installed by the moon people that only their leftover descendants on earth have

My diaper has never been this full before...

We know Boa

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>tfw making all the warlord bounties posters
it's going to take awhile

What will come sooner, film red on DVD/123movies or Gear 5th animated?

Say her name

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more on that later

Mihawk? The STRONGEST Swordsman
Hancock? The STRONGEST Female
Crocodile? The RICHEST Pirate
How can we Warlordchads ever stop winning?

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Feels more likely that it will turn out only people with bloodlines from the void century have any special gifts like that.

who the fuck is ricky

Carrot jumping giant tables to eat some elbafian semla

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I have this painful hemorroid that just has been growing for a year. Got a colonoscopy and it came out clean but this shit its a fucking nightmare

>Hancock? The STRONGEST Female
>Crocodile? The RICHEST Pirate

I never doubted her

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And the void century can be whatever

Big Mom is dead.

She did particularly well if Rayleigh only appeared to stop the fighting and not participated in it. She is easily above Yonko's comander.

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reminder that Cobycucks unironically thought they could take us

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We know, Sanji.

Hope you get it resolved soon user.


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Blackbeard, despite having two DFs, really ran away from an old man.

One thing I don't understand is WHY the fuck this fucking character took so much time.
If this stupid fucking tranny was joining, then it would make sense, she needs a shitton of time dedicated to her to at least make SOME degree of sense with the crew on the final arcs.

Meanwhile Kaido has no proper backstory, the entirety of the fucking character makes no sense.
Zoro is snubbed out in the arc that was about samurai.
Zoro doesn't fight a single fucking samurai in the samurai arc.
Luffy just ass pulls gear 5 Nikka out of nowhere.
Chopper, Ussop, Nami and fucking brook, HALF THE FUCKING CREW, get no proper fight.
Law and Kid just magically gain awakening out of fucking nowhere despite Kid getting ass fucked by Kaido in seconds > imprisoned > freed for a couple days, when the FUCK did he get awakening then?
Law somehow goes from hard jobbing to Doffy to fucking 2v1ing an emperor in like 2 weeks.

Then Shanks just comes and goes away for no fucking reason.

Wano is wasted potential: the arc, and we spent literal hundreds of pages on this character.
What exactly did she add?

I don't fucking understand.

I hope that at least this is because he's pulling a fucking Jinbe again and not baiting the waifufaggots again, at least the fucking time wasted on her would make more sense and Wano wouldn't be THAT much of a shitshow.

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Most Cobyfags(or at least the 3-4 of them) thought they would reach some kind of friendly resolution due to Luffy, most of the rest was shitposting from the Lunaschizos.

How we feeling about this turn of events:
Based or cringe?

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>Hancock? The STRONGEST Female
until Crocodile turns back

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>Hmmm I want revenge on Kaido
>Kaido was injured by a dead samurai named Oden
>Kaido would surely lose eventually if he had to fight an Oden that couldn't die
>That's it, I'll steal Ryumas corpse

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>No Straw Hats in sight
Immediately based. Tired of seeing those fucks.

Not really, they even made fanarts about it and never stop shouting about how "muh Luffy rival" shit,

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Ah yes…the amvs…

Dont really care until detailed come out. But the way it looks now I cant take the navy seriously anymore. If they manage to beat even someone like richie I'd call bullshit

That's because Hancock deserves it.

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There was probably not much left from Oden. Also Ryuma is strong as fuck.

don't lose hope

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Rayleigh is a part of the LEGEND crew of Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks and Mihawk. Of course he'll ran like a bitch.

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I'm taking no shit from you Yamatofag

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So the fruit doesn't respawn when its user is petrified?
Way to erase it permanently from existence.
My Empress is too OP.

Nika being eaten by Luffy is the fruit's will indeed, it can't be erased.

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Vegapunk is going to be some Mengele or that one Japanese scientist inspired character.

When will Zoro be able to do this?

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that guy

She. Sold. Towels.

end game

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Everyone is above YC1 level, you might not like it but Croco wouldn't have a 2b bounty if he wasn't stronger than King, Marco, etc.

are you having a stroke

I want to suck Yamato's big clit

wear sandals?

He is going to be a psycho who has a devil fruit that allows harvesting intelligent people's brains to add to his own.

assuming mihawk was the strongest warlord, who's second strongest (excluding Blackbeard)? Kuma, croc or doflamingo

Her hygiene is bad