I'm sorry user, but I have to kill the Japanese

I'm sorry user, but I have to kill the Japanese.

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This part was so insanely fucking stupid that I'm just in awe people were continuing to take the series beyond this. Christ.

>foreshadowed with mao
>eye was red the whole time
maybe you're just retarded user

Still doesn't explain the pinpoint-accurate timing.

you mean cause and effect?

That's fine. I'm Korean.

things happen sometimes

At the exact moment it needs to create the most tension? Just call it it an asspull and move on.

People can understand dramatic timing and story convenient "perfect storms" of two things happening at the same time. What makes the scenario farcical isn't that Lelouch said something without realizing his geass was on and it ruining everything, this is fiction we understand that. What makes it retarded is the bizarrely hyper-specific and completely out of left field phrase. Like in no way would that be a sentence that makes sense for Lelouch to say in any context. They could have easily had it be some monkeys paw phrasing like "betray us" or "screw up my plans" leading to the same end result, and people would have accepted it.

The whole thing about Code Geass is it's a big jab towards the US for some reason. Instead of a republic, it's a social darwinist empire, and it's named after Britain. Unlike just building military bases, in CG they invaded Japan and colonized it. Like, damn, there's a limit on how retarded you can be with your Japanese anti-Americanism.

If the 'kill all the Japanese' geass order were given to someone in our world's 1920s would Koreans and Taiwanese be targeted for death or would it make a distinction?

How can it be a big Jab at the USA when the whole point was the revolution failed in the back story?

>Revolution failed
>Napoleon won
All of this because Britannia never got conquered by Rome.

Foreshadowed and signaled
zoom zoom

>At the exact moment it needs to create the most tension?
Yes that's how plots work.

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Improbable convenience does equate to asspull.

Code Geass if Any Forums wrote the plot:
>Lelouch's geass goes out of control while asking Sayoko to pick up some cookies while she's at the store
>he immediately notices and wears the geass blocker so he never has this issue again
>this plot point goes nowhere
There, asspull avoided.

A distinction, because Koreans and Taiwanese aren't Elevens, just the High Eunuchs' bitches.

>mao gets shot by 100 policemen
>he's fine
>euphie gets shot once
>dies after immediate urgent medical care

Carbon emissions will go down, at least. Thanks.