But what does Any Forums think about Birdy ?

but what does Any Forums think about Birdy ?

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never heard of her but the art style of her show looks pretty soulless

I want to share her body, if you know what I mean.

i enjoyed the show, but i feel like it could've explored the whole 'sharing her body and him being in control of her sometimes' aspect in more detail.
i would've liked to see some actual content where he has to deal with being in a woman's body every now and then, being required to take over the role of shion every now and then because birdy is lazy. it would've been nice.

birdy is centerfold material gravure model in episode 1. This show was released around 2007. The norm of that year is the model has been around for at least 1 year in the gravure modelling business. Birdy is also known to random teens picking up gravure mags in combini.

Decode Birdy is canonically hot.

still mad there's no s3

It's really good. I was impressed they managed to have two seasons and also satisfied with the ending they put given how many manga and animes flub the end. Would happily watch a third season.

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Manga is really mediocre and too meandering for its own good
The OVA is dumb fun and I like Decode a lot. Still waiting for a Season 3.

Old one was better

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She be cute



It's my favorite anime. The animation is fucking incredible and weird in a way that we almost never see anymore, and the setting and story are very deeply thought out, such that everything makes sense and it all has that weight and presence to it that makes it feel more real than most settings do. The characters are amazing too. All the characters are fundamentally very different kinds of people, that all interact with each other in interesting ways, and in their own way act a lot more like real people than most fictional characters do.

It also has an incredibly good ending, which is where a lot of anime run out of gas.

Yeah, Kazuki Akane took Masami Yuuki's manga about some alien crime fighting bullshit (it's pretty good but like you said its meandering and hard to keep too interested in) and turned it into real science fiction.

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This. BD release when?

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pretty good overall but only season 2 of decode was really worth it

The worst part of the remake manga (besides wasting too much time on pointless side characters and subplots) is that it ruins the earlier characterization of Birdy and Tsutomu from the first manga and the OVA by making her dumber and him too selfish. Decode is actually much closer to their old personalities.
I appreciate that the series is one of the few that actually seriously explores a platonic friendship between a male and female character without defaulting to making them love interests. Makes it feel more unique.
For as brief as it was, I like how the original manga made Birdy act like Tsutomu's wiser older sister.

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Season 1 had a more complete story and explored the main Birdy/Tsutomu dynamic better. Season 2 should have gotten to the main plot instead of doing more set up.

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