Why did Jojolion have to bring back the Pokemon Spirit Stands?

I think they got really old and lame. One thing I found refreshing about SBR is that Stands can straight up be simply superpowers activated from the users themselves.

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id say its more of a mixture of powers and pokemon. people like rai and hato use powers, but also josuke doesnt even use his stand alot in combat, and just uses the bubbles, like with his cqc with the twins

>it's refreshing when the series stops doing the one thing that made it unique and started being more like 99% of super power fiction
What the fuck

No they didn't. Punchy ghosts are fucking awesome and you're a retarded faggot.

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>One thing I found refreshing about SBR is that Stands can straight up be simply superpowers activated from the users themselves
that is literally not SBR at all

What chapter is this from? Great stand pose.

Despite being a punch ghost soft and wet wasn't even that strong physically so Josuke couldn't just bulldoze his way through fights. Outside of Josefumi beating up the twins and Damo's death I don't think there's a single time a stand barrage defeated someone in part 8

Literally go beyond

I'll be honest.
It took so long to finish the final fight for Jojolion I honestly have zero fucking memory of what happened.

Could someone give me a quick summary of the very end?

Yeah, it was awesome the first time but got repetitive when that was literally every power. By Golden Wind, I was tired of seeing them and roll my eyes at how forced they try to make the designs unique.

Chapter 16 after he defeated Nijimura.


>not Ougon no Kaze
Speak for yourself newfag

Ok Reddit

well actually its none of the above...
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Giorno Giovanna: Golden Heritage (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第5部 ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ【黄金なる遺産】is the only acceptable name

>thread started out being a discussion about stands of each part
>devolves into "how do we translate part 5?"

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jouske gets a powerup out of nowhere (and it's just the thing that can beat the main villain) and a character that didn't do jackshit in the rest of the part comes to finish off the villain by using the macguffin in a way that breaks all the previously stablished rules. She also dies instantly.

to be fair 90% of the enemies were automated stands, so punching hard wasn't really a viable tactic.

>part 5 never gets translated despite all the talk
all bark no bite.

My favorite stand in the series is Speed King by far
I almost got a Speed King Tattoo when I was in Japan it was going to be his face boiling into my skin like when he killed Oujiro
I will still probably get this tattoo, I don't think I would regret it
Fuckin love Speed King man, I want to see him in All Star Battle so bad just to hear what the fuck it sounds like

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Also you guys remember this shit?
We were going Crazy when the leaks for the Blue Hawaii Chapter came out and thought Dolomite and Jobin were literally going to fuse because of some mis-translation and some user convinced the thread that Blue Hawaii and Speed King were designed to fit together

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jojolions missed potential saddens me so much, still a great part, but the ending is the definition of mid

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