Dungeon Meshi

Om nom nom

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Shut up and swallow, whore.

>studio trigger
Awful just awful

Trigger saved anime


Did nothing wrong btw

Klk was the only good anime they made

Dumb whore

This guy said truth

>He doesn't know about Inferno Cop

Is it weird that I want to fuck that Orc chief's younger sister?

She is Cute and thicc

No. Kui took utmost care to make every one of her characters as fuckable as humanly possible

I think it's weirder there's like no porn of her


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She only spreads her legs for how can she be a whore?

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Gurren Lagann saved anime

Om nom.

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My wife Leed is cute, strong, and fights for her friends!

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Is it weird that I want to fuck that car/demon/cherub thing?

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