Made in Abyss

More Faputa action in two days. I wonder how she will abuse Reg this time.

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Reminder to future OPs not to put "edition" in the OP post.

Read the manga, silly. Get a head start on the abuse.

How did they get away with this?

lol, why faggot keep deleting?

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General threads are not allowed on Any Forums. Crossboarders keep forgetting where they are.

Cannot wait to see Faputa's trip to the petting zoo.

Does that mean this specific thread is assumed to only be used to talk about Faputa?

>Riko and Reg Meet Ozen at her outpost
>She fights them and then gives them 10 days of survival training

>They meet Bondrewd at the Idofront
>Fight him

Now they've met Srajo and she wants to test them. What fresh hell is she going to put them through?

Also, it would be kind of funny if they finally meet Lyza on the 7th layer and she starts a fight with them, too.

Generally speaking, yes.

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Jesus... post more.

I was in the middle of writing a post about how the extra lore and flavor text is probably my favorite thing about the game so far. Nat bringing up how he saw Riko's smooth pussy when she was hung naked was funny.

But there have been a couple of lore things too that I have liked. Maybe this was just me being inattentive but I did not realize Lyza was a orphan at Belchero until now. She left such a mark on the place that they decide to have a festival to celebrate the birthdays of all the children the same month that Lyza had her birthday.

And a conversation I just had with Habo in-game confirmed a long running theory of mine that the process for becoming a white whistle is something the guild and another white whistle have to give permission to. Otherwise for a black whistle and their sacrifice to go down to the 5th layer would be "illegal." But apparently most of the active white whistles became white whistles illegally. It also confirmed that the ritual has to take place on the 5th layer.

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dat ass

Nuked OP here, it was because "fuwafuwa edition", I gather something like "talk about how you would pet Nanachi, who is fuwafuwa" would have been more acceptable. I'm not sure I fully grasp the ethos but admittedly don't come here much except for the MiA threads, I'll keep it in mind.

>Maybe this was just me being inattentive but I did not realize Lyza was a orphan at Belchero until now.
I saw people saying this. I am 99% sure it was a fact revealed solely in the game and not in the lore already. It makes sense but it is brand new. Interesting that there's stuff in there like that and I wonder how much of it will ever appear in main canon.

No, talk about whatever you want that is MiA related.

Where's her butthole?


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In my face

I ate it.

man why the hell did he just have to suffer a hard life for years, then be happy for like two weeks, then suffer a moral hell for months, then suffer a loss of self for centuries. it's not fucking fair, he deserves better.

maybe his granddaughter will help matters...........

well, one way or the other, the suffering will end.

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New chapter WHEN?

gave me a good laugh
Poor girl though, minutes from a permanent safe location and that happens. If only Reg were there to fucking fry Eilu to a crisp and leave the bird untouched

Cute fart!

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Never forget Eilu

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>ywn have cuddly love making sex with a cute moth

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A fucking sausage.

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>Splatoon 3 is launching on September 9, 2022
....the prognosis is not great, user.

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What's with the stuff on her head and face? Did she have a ruined eye or deformed head as a human?

Why did she turn into a hotdoggu

I'll never forget!

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New threads on general boards usually have "edition" in the OP post and a link to the previous thread. Any Forums is not general board on paper so if you do either of those things in the OP post the thread will get deleted. In reality Any Forums has become a hybrid board with basically half the threads being psudo-generals, but as long as they don't use any of the no-no words the mods won't delete them.


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