>Big tits
She’s literally perfect.

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>Giant futa cock
Even perfecter

>has a benis

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>lives in a world with literal magic
If Kazuma wasn't such a spaz he probably could have gotten her to magic/shapeshift the cock away

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>amazon dominant futa
Is Kazuma gay?

I want to inseminate her and drink all of her semen

>big futa dommy mommy
Best girl

I want her to ruin my asshole.

Fap time?? no homo?

I want her to fuck me nice and slow so she can hear my sweet faggot moans

what about that is gay to you?

unbelievably based and extremely straight

Satan wants you

That's a man

Nah, I want my imaginary offspring to be white

Only if I am the active one

very brave statement user

this except you forgot the throbbing girl penis