Why are isekai protagonists like this?

Why are isekai protagonists like this?

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Slavery isn't really taboo in Japan unless the Japanese are the ones being enslaved.

Japanese tend to go along with society, they don't rock the boat. They aren't big on individualism.

If you're in a society with slavery you go along with it.

Oh yeah? Name five.

I can say that Isekai writers who doesn't approve of slavery wouldn't even include it at all from the beginning.
And every single one where the mc liberate slave, only did it at a whim so they have excuse to add an "exotic" women to their harem

>because humans only got rid of the slavery because it was no longer economically viable, it was better if they were dept obedient through wages and happy by letting them consoome and have "freedom". "Morality" of ending the slavery was just a bait to hook the naive and shame the stubborn
Why wouldn't you get a slave if the social norms and economy allow you to?

because fuck women

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I think the major problem with western "otaku" is that none of them grew up playing eroge. maybe one of the few popular ones out here like SR but that's it. really limits your perspective on stuff like this

Heavenly Castle's MC's primary goal right now is to covertly crash the entire system by providing free social welfare on the surface while secretly destroying that world's magic slave mark/collar.

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even that I kinda doubt

Every annoying retard that bitches about Isekai slavery needs banned on sight.

because slavery is based
BUT you what is retarded is that the protags don't treat a slave like a slave, don't rape the girl however they want
every time it's the slave who falls in love with the """"saviour"""" MC and then MAYBE they have sex but it's totally consensual guys
authors are too retarded to portray the relationship properly and have the MC rape the girl while she cries and doesn't want to have any of it
we're also desperately lacking female MCs who buy male slaves and treat them like shit while also raping them too

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You know the prevalence of slavery is kinda weird in medieval themed fantasy world, like sure slaves existed at the time but for the region it kinda weird.


you don’t know about Japanese society


Should the protagonists not be nice to girls?

For most of their history they spent it enslaving each other, after all

>Calling Morgiana a slaveslut
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because wish fulfillment. Tell me that if you were delivered to a high fantasy realm with near god-like power and unlimited capital that you wouldn't buy the hottest piece of ass and fuck it as much as you wanted.

Mods enable it. I've been banned for "off topic" when disagreeing that localization are justified in censoring the word slavery.

so why not go all the way with it

Even if you personally disagree with the ethics of slavery, you can't end the entire market for it by yourself unless your cheat power is "solo the entire kingdom" tier. Might as well get a useful slave.
Also ez wish fulfillment by allowing your MC to get a hot girl companion that everyone else inexplicably doesn't want because she's a quarter beastkin with cat ears or something, who becomes loyal to MC when they do the unthinkable and treat them like an actual person.