One piece

Theory: What if the world government is trying to create a new super weapon with the pacifistas?

Spoilers revealed that there’s a new iteration called seraphim that definitely even more powerful. what if they’re using Vegapunks ideas for futuristic technology, and his likely indifference to the consequences wrought by his creations, to try to get him to build an artificial programmable, life form that can carry out any task no matter how monumental?

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its time

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>Coby chan

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I want to eat Zoro's ass

I hate Toei and DBZ so fucking much bros

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This is the last thing you see, before you turn into stone.

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>not a SH chapter
so you're saying there's a chance?

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It's me or Rayleigh was ready to defend Amazon Lily because he didn't want Luffy to have any distractions in his path to the One Piece?

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So, this is all "Garp's prodigy" amounted to huh...

Luffy would've wanted to save his friend marguerite for sure

Carrot will fight against Devon and it’ll be Fox against Rabbit.

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From the leaker : Shanks asked Marco to join his crew but he refused because he is retired and stopped being a pirate

>Garp can't raise children
Nothing new.

i cant go on anymore...

Zehahaha. I remenber during the early spoilers people were saying BB was a jobber, that he jobbed to rayleigh, that he jobbed to boa. Well, who jobbed to who?

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>Shanks asked Marco to join his crew but he refused because he is retired and stopped being a pirate

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Auras worked well in DBZ but seeing Kaido literally powering up with that purple shit, hell Robin of all people having aura is just the dumbest thing the anime has ever done.

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>Got like 3 warnings today from jannies for calling out Yamatroom and carrot trannies

as if, even if Luffy doesnt love Hancock he know she did everything she could have done to help him with the Ace situation
>Risked her own life to get him into Impel Down
>Turned coat in Marineford
>Gave Luffy Ace's handcuffs key
>Protected Luffy for 2 years in her island
Even if 90% of that amounted to nothing because Ace killed himself, its still something Luffy would be grateful of.

You hit too close to home. They do it for free btw

Rent free. Well deserved.

why does shanks want the pineapple so much
I thought his crew was for hakichads only

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Titanic commanders? Jobbed to Boa
Teach? Ran Away from Rayleigh
Coby's bussy? Jobbed to BBC

>Tranny tranny tranny!
You should outright get banned honestly

Kizarubros, is Borsalino the only hope the marines have left?

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