Stop liking much older women

Stop liking much older women

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Done and done.

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I refuse

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Stop me then

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can't help me, I wanted mommy tsunade to pin me down since I was a kid

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The years keep coming and they don't stop coming

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>The years keep coming and they don't stop

>draw a young woman with huge tits
>call her a old woman

Man, she could've just choke Orochimaru with these. That would would have spared us from another hundred episodes or so

if old why hot?

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and what, like lolis instead? i refuse

>tfw you keep liking older women until they're not older women anymore

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Thanks to her I am ensured that will never happen to me until I reach euthanasia age

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I’m sorry. But I can’t.

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As a milf/mother fucker, I really can't.