Anime introduces fantastic world and novel mystery

>Anime introduces fantastic world and novel mystery
>Focus shifts to romcom bullshit and superfluous fighting scenes
Why does this keep happening?

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Does it?
Why don't you post an example?

>This is from a series based on the production of japanese cartoons

When you have source material that releases in short monthly bites, complex plots get confusing and major events get forgotten.
It's much easier to follow a new chapter when the topic is Hero vs Villain #315.

>Shield Hero
>Heavy Object
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
>Rokka no Yuusha

Just some off the top of my head that had this problem. It's literally the biggest problem that fantasy anime has.

>Makes the best alien space battle in fiction history
>The next 11 episodes are slice of life

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In Vandread it makes sense since the whole premise is that men and women are interacting for the first time in generations and romance between sexes is something to be explored in the setting.

>rokka no yuusha
>complaining about an anime that's about killing the demon king having action in it
The complaint most people had was that it became a mystery and they weren't expecting that, not that it was a rom com lol how do you misremember a series this badly

>>Makes the best alien space battle in fiction history
Pic unrelated?

>Focus shifts to romcom bullshit and superfluous fighting scenes
Maybe it's a problem of animation.

>Shield Hero
It had a generic rpg setting from the start, nothing ever stood out. Once the revenge plot was done it was inevitable. It did sorta focus on other worlds anyway
>Heavy Object
This is by the to aru guy, what were you expecting? Besides it's a mecha series that focuses on mecha battles. I don't know what more you want
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
I didn't know Japan was a fantastic world. Muzan stopped being a mystery very early on and it was established as the usual battle shounen from the start
>Rokka no Yuusha
They spent a whole goddamn season trying to figure out who the traitor was. No idea what happened after the anime ended tbf but I don't care anyway. Haven't seen the rest

Feel free to provide a better example.

A lot of lost potential here. They should have kept Urobutcher on the staff

This is now a Shirobako thread

The slice of life was the best part.

We should ban anyone who watches LN adaptions or shounenshit since both only attract the dumbest motherfuckers on Earth.

>Shield Hero
fair, there's still some worldbuilding tho
>Kimetsu no Yaiba
There's more worldbuilding in the later part since they spend quite a bit explaining backstory surrounding sun breath. so you're complaining a shounen switched to having fights? but it already had fights? kind of mind-boggling

Why does have to do with my wife, explain yourself user

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Neither of those things are bad as long as they don't cause the plot to slow to crawl for an extended period.

Because those are the only thing that entices boys and girls

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