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fuwafuwa edition

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Fuwafura bun

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2000 years ago in our world men were expected to be gay in classical civilizations and lesbians were flying under the radar everywhere because it was thought women didn't even get any sexual pleasure, so not so much

as to 242248411 I think given what we know about Vueko (and Belaf in extra material) the 'exile' many of them faced wasn't an active sentence imposed by others but just coming from abusive
backgrounds and having nowhere else to go. I wouldn't discount that it's possible Pakkoyan felt isolation over being a lesbian and that helped drive her there, but ultimately they weren't forced out so much as they're just sad shelter pets looking for a home.

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oops, dropped my >>, was reply to

Cute boy

But user, Nanachi can't be a boy because she's my wife and I'm not a homo. Stands to reason.

>they're just sad shelter pets looking for a home
God this story is depressing as hell

Love my wife Eilu.

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Maruruk is my wife but at least I have the balls to admit he's a boy
Accept the truth about the bunnyboy

I hate speedwatchers.
>I forgot the curse existed before Eilu!
We've seen the curse in the first 3 minutes of episode 7, the previous episode!

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It truly is. I really feel for Ganja and hope most of them had some good times in the village.

Obviously though that excludes the one that got a free daughter-based moral lobotomy and the one that was living in goo with abortion babies and so depressed she sumoned a tulpa of a rapist. Which really hurts because they were the two who most deserved a century to live peacefully.

How have we gone this long without ragu checking nanachis bunbon

Nanachi fuckin hates being touched and will only let Reg pat or sniff her under extreme duress, I can't imagine the circumstance in which genital inspection would be allowed

I'm more surprised Riko hasn't tried something. She's the one who likes looking at dicks and sniffing asses, after all.

Wait people were saying this? Fucking how...

Nanachi probably wouldn't let Riko, either...
In contrast, the cloaca sniffing happened because Faputa just outright suggested Riko smell her butt, which was hilarious. Faputa is a very weird kid, much like Riko herself.

Has anyone else started being much more kind to animals and other lifeforms after watching this show?
Was this an intended effect by Tsukishi and/or the anime staff?

I don't think they intended to foster a sense of compassion in the viewer, no. No insult intended to you user becaus I love that you've done that but they probably assumed we already had a decent amount of it and that's why the suffering of children and animals would affect us...

Riko's harem is too big, she's got too many options to bother fluffing Nanachi's lower regions now

Meanwhile, based Wazu

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oh yeah, out of three sages he definitely had the best time during the pre-Faputa iruburu years...just chillin' and giving fake out high fives and eating delicious Moogie cuisine.

My cute wives

Wazu was just too based. He needs his own spin-off.

I consider myself a pretty compassionate person already but this show just amplified it to a deeper level.
I was always nice to animals but hated petting old dogs and cats but now when they come up to me I'll hug them like normal because even if they are old and don't look like they used to they still have feelings and need love too.

They probably filtered it out because they were too curious about the mockwater and overwhelmed with the baby-eating after that.

I still treat obnoxious customers with thinly-veiled disdain.

He still needs other relatively "normal"-thinking characters to bounce off him to make it work.

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All this game had to do was not be infuriating to play. That's all they had to do. Even if it just as mediocre as it was that would be one thing but my god the endless swarms of birds and bugs while you trying to climb is inexcusable. Fucking irredeemable even. My patience is already wearing thin.

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Moogie is pure wife material