Lord of the Rings for people who refuses to touch anything made outside of Japan

Lord of the Rings for people who refuses to touch anything made outside of Japan

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I'd watch Lord of the Rings if it had loli.

as someone that has read both, I don't see the relation. What is it? the fact it features two innocent characters trekking through a hostile environment?
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You mean Roadside Picnic & The Terror except the cast is kids.

Which is a good thing, here's why.

LotR would be significantly better if Frodo was a cute little girl

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That wouldn't fit the themes of courage, loyalty, honor and other things that are impossible to find on women

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True, but it's a fantasy anyways and a little girl representing those things is at least more believable than a woman

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>Both have main characters to reach a forbidden land for a reason
>Both deal with themes such as the loss of self or insanity
>The whistle and the ring are pretty much the same, the difference is a human sacrifice his entire existence in order to transmute himself in a whistle

What LoTR did you read anyway? Don't you tell me that the Japinos made a manga, your small brain can't read a book without figures in it amirite

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I just watched Peter Jackson's extended trilogy, and I don't remember Frodo taking a shit once, for the entire year long journey

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cute little girls make every fantasy epic better

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guys my nanachi has been licking her balls for the past 25 minutes, is this normal?

Riko's entire personal motivation is essentially Sam's speech form the end of Two Towers. They're in a story, a story full of darkness and danger, but you keep going because the world is full of goodness and amazing sights and sounds and tastes and they're worth experiencing and fighting for.

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I would unironically love a LotR anime. Imagine a 7 part OVA series adapting the Hobbit and half of the trilogy each. It would be a hell of a lot better than anything the west has done with the property in the last 20 years.

this isnt one piece

Half of each book of the trilogy, rather.