She never actually liked Shinji, did she?

She never actually liked Shinji, did she?

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>Gaslighting Shinji into showing affection to her to fill her insecurity holes

That's a man

How many times has this retard made this same fucking bait thread? We literally just had this shit the other day

damn, how much time do you spend here?

Yeah, soam old ahit retard like need to get reported since they add nothing but more shitposting

>underage bait thread
Yup, schizos are here

Not just every day, but every eva thread he enters he says the same shit.

No, she's in love with Kaworu

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shinji should've beat the shit out of her as soon as possible

shinji is a weak faggot who would get curbstomped

why would she like some frail nip faggot? she was made for bbc

Are Eva fans the most retarded fanbase?

this but ironically

She never liked him, she just wanted to use him for attention and self worth.

you just know

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I don't think anyone truly loved anyone else in this show except for Gendo/Yui and maybe Misato/Kaji.


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They loved each other and they could've had a VERY cute relationship

Delusional retard.

Eva a shit.

>she was made for bbc
No lie, she actually does look like a girl who fucks black guys.


The choker doesn’t help either.

Shinji and Asuka were destined to be together

It doesn’t mattter because she’s a stupid bitch who probably would’ve treated him the same regardless. Shinji’s worst wcharacter trait is his meekness, which is overall harmless to everyone else. That bitches worst personality trait is her shitty mean attitude and god complex which is all actually insecurity. What a shit show

Then why aren’t they together in the latest movie?

Because anno is a hack