Nagi no Asukara

>tfw Kaname confesses his feelings to Chisaki five times throughout the series and she turns him down every single time
What a fucking bitch...

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She never had the obligation to fuck him. Also, she never turned him down properly, that's what's so bad about her.

Relationships are more than just sex, asexual people can fall in love. Kaname wanted Chisaki's heart, not her body.

Welcome to Okada

>the most indecisive annoying bitch got the best guy after almost killing him by accident

Dumbass, I meant it in general not just sex. She doesn't have the obligation to return his feelings just become he likes her

How tf is Chisaki annoying?

But why didn't she love him romantically?

Why is it her fault? Nigger should just take the damn hint.

Are you talking about the main girl?
She was annoying, best boy is going to breed this fish girl and going to have lots of baby fish
He cucked 2 guys during the series

Because she liked Hikari for the longest time, then Tsumugu stole her heart during the time skip, have you actually watched or rewatched the show?

Being a heartbreaker is bad.

Why did she always clam up and never answer him anyway? You could say that she didn't have the heart to hurt him, but that's ooc because she's not a very emotional person.

>because she's not a very emotional person.
Tsugumu literally falls for her because she is like the sea

>managed to say "you're bipolar as fuck" in a nice way
This show didn't deserve him

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What does that even mean? I don't understand metaphors.

Just take a trip in a boat and you will understand him

>How tf is Chisaki annoying?
She is an indecisive mess so confused about her own feelings it manages to actively worsen the lives of several people around her including the only guy in the cast who is not behaving like a gigantic bitch.

Doesn't she only hurt Kaname?

That's a bad premise to base a relationship on. Won't he lose interest if she becomes more mature and emotionally stable with age?

Tsumugu almost drowns because of her, and she essentially locks their relationships in stasis for half a fucking decade because of her personal, dumb hangups.

Yes, he is a retard
He was a cuck, well he did get a girl in the end so all ends good

Is she a femme fatale? Femme fatales hurt people a lot right

She is a woman. She will be like that forever
Besides he wants that, he loves the sea

Written by Okada. Please understand.

Chisaki is so tomboyish she barely even counts as a woman lmao.

Her personality is literally one, gigantic, endless woman moment