Elden Ring manga

>game has potentially interesting setting and characters that are totally wasted by how incredibly vague and unexplained they are even down to the most basic essentials like "who fought who and why?" or "can people die?"
>data miners discover a lot of story-related cut content that has no greater context to it
>wait seven months after Bandai's 'there will be more media' announcement for something that offers even the slightest clarification on any of Elden Ring's lore
>would've been happy for anything, even something as insignificant as minicomics about off-screen events like Malenia and Radahn's duel or Rykard's link to Ranni's plot, or hell even fucking tweet trivia about what the demigods were doing pre-Shattering
>Books of Knowledge get delayed until November
>DLC announcement delayed into December if it even exists, with no spot allotted at the TGS
>no anime in sight despite talks going back to near release
>oh but at least there's a comic with decent art, that might shed some light on-
>noncanon gag manga
I'm genuinely, unironically mad.

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fake gamer girl detected

>game has a mess of a storyline and setting because fromsoft learned nothing from sekiro
>completely unsalvageable because it's borderline nonsensical unless you grab miyazaki and grrrm and waste a ton of time talking to them
Gag manga it is.

Why are you so surprised? FromSoftware have never made a good game.

the setting and ambiance are great, but it's not really a good story. It'd be like reading the Silmarillion. Kind of neat worldbuilding, but no actually enjoyable narrative.

>I wanted fanfic
>got kino instead

Of course From didn't learn anything from Sekiro. Nobody important on Elden Ring comes from Sekiro. The only thing they brought over is the jump button and gave bosses stagger cancels from Sekiro without letting players be as capable as Sekiro.

From Software's writing is a mess by design just kill the monsters with a big ass sword and wait for the DLCs so you can kill monsters with a big ass sword again

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Don't forget giving malenia a borderline sekiro combo that would have been sex to parry in said game.
Someone should port malenia to sekiro, the fight would be fun then instead of boring as shit until evade waterfowl.

You morons ate up 'let me solo her'
This is what you deserve

Baby making sex with Ranni

Radahn won.

Any Malenia fanservice?

You sekirocucks are already shitting other boards, go back, nobody cares about your kusoge

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It was nice looking at the spergmasters "Noooooo, play naked with your barefists! You are ruining your experience by using shit! ARGHHHHHH!"

You get Gardener Varre instead and you will like it.

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>gag manga
story confirmed to be better than the game or anything Miyazaki did

Shazamsisters, I...

Shazam is canceled.

>He doesn't know

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I honestly think FROM should drop the RPG mechanics all together. It does nothing but hinder them back from creating the action game they obviously want to make.