Chainsaw Man

>War will actually SIMP for CSM like Control did
How did Denji get so lucky to get a schizo gf like AsaYoru?

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>All that DenjixYoshida art with thousands of likes on Tiwtter

Jesus fucking christ, Fujos are complettely mentally ill, why did Fujimoto have to sell out?

He never did this shit in part 1, now our fanbase will be infested with these faggots, it's over

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Sukuna and Yuji >>> Yoru and Asa

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miss my nigga shad

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It's over Hetoid. Even Lin loves it

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denji seems a lot dumber now

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I want to LICK Yoru's thighs.

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next "Yoshida"
>Longsword Hybrid

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How did you get a picture of me and my bf?

Does Asa/Yoru have enough TnA to be a main waifu?

It's great!

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What did I tell you guys about making new threads before the new chapter drops?

Rin confirmed for massive faggot that pushes this series downfall

denjibros we're here

Chapter 104 predictions
>Nothing happens
>We see Yuko and Asa in the hospital. Yuko calls Asa a hero for saving her and War seethes
>More gay shit with Yoshida and Denji

Did this guy even have a single line of dialogue? In general I hate how much villains are mute in this series


>>We see Yuko and Asa in the hospital. Yuko calls Asa a hero for saving her and War seethes
Good. Everything is better than that DenjixYoshida forced shit (they didnt even interact in part 1 )

>War is actually a retard and incompetent
>Asa doesn't know it yet
>It doesn't actually have dominion over her body in more scenarios than just extreme fear
Asa will LOVE Denji
War will LOVE CSM

speedreader moment

No i remember that he got some lines with that other snake slut which I forget the name of, but I do not remember many meaningful lines with the main cast.

he talks constantly
did you read the series or just absorb knowledge about it from social media?

I know that he talks, but they were mostly throwaway lines that didnt have much lasting impact (besides that one time where he was used as a punching bag) see

Angelsisters should we be worried?

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I always thought DenAki had more so I take this as a win.

MC x boy are always the most popular ships so this is pretty much expected. Not mention that fujos don't like feminine males to ship it

I hate Tomori so much it's unbelievable

What made Asafags so insane? They were fine 2-3 weeks ago or so. But these past two weeks they have surpassed the most derranged faggots here, and ironically Asa barely appeared in the last two chapters.

asabros is this true?

It's just a single schizo

no brother
remove pisswiga though

Cringe Console war shit.

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