Itt: unrealistic scenarios found only in anime

itt: unrealistic scenarios found only in anime

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I'm pretty sure that's common in Japan

She's a succubus, and a damn fine one at that.

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100% common in japan.
read up on parasite singles and then kill yourself.

>People finding you cool when you tell them that your goal in life is to kill some meanie

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the softest

I worked at a McDonald's and one my coworkers was a single 26 year old with no kids/husband and was the most soul draining person to talk to

Women should be legally hung if they have more than 3 sexual partners in their lifetime

Women can always get laid. Old, ugly, or dying, they are always going to be fuckable. Only in anime do they make it seem that the women are on equal level with men. would you if you could only do it once?

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Daily reminder that if you didn't lose your virginity before graduating high school, it means that you are a genetic failure and you should voluntary exclude yourself from the gene pool

your genes have been verified as unworthy, and trying to prove otherwise is a cope

This thread smells like underage incel.

lost mine in junior high

You can't be incel and underage. You can easily have sex when you're in highschool. Obvious projection.

How's middle school treating you, champ?

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very true. i guess even reddit spacing phoneposters say something smart here and there. still, kys as soon as possible!


It's 2022, why would anybody want to have children?

She didn't say she was a virgin. She said she was single.

You're still alive so I deny the contents of your post.

He didn't say anything about killing oneself, ESL-kun.

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being able to get laid =/= being in a relationship

2 brain cells user...

Pic not related?

A lot of women either have delusion standards and are outrageously prude and repulsing to everyone around them until they reach their clock and end up like this, or are complete whores that fuck everything in sight and end up either settling for someone who they'll probably cheat on or also being single. Occasionally the first group won't actively try to repel everyone in their lives and end up being actual wife material.

It's why society used to curate women and their behaviors so closely. These suicidally prudes needed to be shoved with a man to properly get wedded, giving them legal rights/protections is the equivalent damaging of giving trannies protections. The later group needs to have their whore tendencies tamed before they become completely untenable, and giving them rights is a joke since they're whores at heart.

It's why women's rights is such a bad thing. It's a pure jew tactic for destroying society and it worked. Now you have all these women who can get laid but will never be happy, and they end up writing articles when they're 35/40 about how their frozen-eggs aren't working.

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The Yakuza are awesome bros who help their community!

>inb4 some yakuza helped out after an earthquake that one time

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>parasite singles
I can fix them