Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 31 part 2


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Thank you OP

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chad will come back for another fight r-right

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>Only appearance in this volume storytime

It's over

Yeah, in next arc.

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Arrancar and Indian Wars

Ladies and gentlemen:
The United Jobber Front

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Jobber Self-Defense Forces

I wonder how Baraggan's Segunda Etapa would look like considering that he's already a fucking skeleton

Kubo title pages are always such a visual delight

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Full Lich mode.

Peche and Dondochaka?

Hilarious. A great addition to this arc.

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More bling

this is the most tedious part of the whole manga for me

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Something like Nito from Dark Souls I imagine

>tfw the Hueco Mundo Retirement Village is out of reishi pudding

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Pimping Lilynette out to the fraccion for drug money.

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Let’s just say something close to these.

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He merge with respira in black like death ripper, Barragan animal is humans.

Pesche and Dondachakka are tge key to all this
If we can get them working, because they’re the funniest characters we’ve ever had

Literally Kel'thuzad.

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What was with all these ships of Hime with people who actually abuse her. This isn't an otomege

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i imagine this is them at the best case scenario?

He's doing the thing White did with Zangetsu! Wait.

I can't wait for the New Division Captain arc! It's coming soon right?

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Dibs on her flat chest and cute pits

Hey it worked for Renji/Rukia

Yeah, i find most HM fights too stretched oppose to fast and often rushed fights in last arc

They're Hogyoku Forms

>one of Starrk's energy streams for his guns is Lilynette green
Nice detail.

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They are starting to kill the tone a bit at this point

Most relationships are abuse.

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>Kenryu and Enryiu aren't canon
They were hilarous.

Weird duo pairing. It'd be like Chad fighting alongside Hitsugaya.



A golden Skeleton or a giant Gashadokuro. The real question is Harribel's

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that's not luppi it is the smt v mc

Hado31coin finally going up! Im gonna hit it big!

good old suicide bomber tactic, it never worked, not a single fucking time in any manga ever

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look at her glowing nipples


These are their forms if they had fused with the Hogyoku like Aizen had.

What are these and why they look like some gacha shit

I killed your mom's tone yesterday night
that's a good coping strategy, but you have to move on user
don't let the past influence you more than it already has and form new connections

This is the only and last time Renji will be this much of a badass chad. And Abaraicoin still is low since fighting Byakuya.

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Because it IS Gatcha shit. It's Beyond Ressurecion which is just them using the power of the Hyogyaku to evolve.

because they're from bleach brave souls, the gacha game

post yfw we have FOUR more volumes to go before this battle is over

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Szayel is the last person who would say "Blast"

A giant 8 titted shark


yes, and?

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Reminder that if Pesche and Dondochakka had dropped the act and used Cero Sincrético right there and then, they would've one-shot Szayel and freed us all from this fight.

that's pretty much it.

Because it is literally gacha shit.

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