One piece

- Chapter 1059: "The incident of Captain Koby".
- The new model of Pacifista is called "Seraphim", they are a kind of children (large size) with white hair, dark skin and black wings.
-Kurohige attacked Amazon Lily during the Marine invasion, he did it because he wanted the power of Boa Hancock's Akuma no Mi.
- Kurohige's new bounty is 3,996,000,000 Berries.
- Boa Hancock turned almost all the invaders to stone (including Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot).
- Boa Hancock's new bounty is 1,659,000,000 Berries.
- Rayleigh came and saved the situation.
- Koby has been kidnapped by the Kurohige Pirates.

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Which one rapes Coby first?

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fuck, there are spoilers already?

WHY the fuck was previous thread deleted?
it had 100 posts already

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In her small free time, she draws shojo comics about the adventures she could had with the mugis

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san juan wolf

>he wanted the power of Boa Hancock's Akuma no Mi.
Imagine Blackbeard firing love beams

Did BB get Hancock's fruit or not?
Why would he kidnap Coby?

>the strongest people in the one piece universe are black
wtf I love oda now

Vasco Shot


I'm afraid he's a little stoned at the moment

>Be Fujitora
>Humiliated the marines but kneeling and apologizing while It's being broadcasted all over the world
>Failed to capture Luffy
>Convince the world kings to disband the warlord system for a bunch of giant cyborg children with Lunarian DNA
>most of the former warlords are now part of a yonko crew, one of them which now puts bounties on marines heads

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Zoro is the one that's gonna kill blackbeard

But he's also rock hard

>cocky Cobyfags got btfo'd completely and utterly
kek. Black Beard's going to be turning him into one of his groupies

>Convince the world kings to disband the warlord system
The warlond system is a fucking scam anything is actually better that it

Prison Bitchby

Reminder fujitora is a revo plant purposely sabotaging the wg by shilling the failled ssg system, losing to the revos at marejois and completely humiliating the marines and dressrosa

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She never gave a farawell to crew that her master died for...

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>Here's your SSG bro

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He cute

The strongest woman in the world

Koby's going to be black pilled and become the 11th Titanic Captain

That's enough of Koby posts for a while lel.

Now that you think about it. Does Mero mero no mi cause Hancocks beauty? Would Blackbeard become some chiseled adonis if he got it?

>Vegapunk is reviving the lunarians
peoples dont seem to realise what repercutions this could lead to

So are the carrfotfags still coping have been away from this place for like a week?

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Clever exchange. Did kek

Do we see all ten Titanic Captains?

Hancock>9 titanic captains

English, user.

Zou carrots are not as tasty as the ones she ate in the highseas

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It's time to KNEEL.

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>WG jobs
>BB pirates jobs
These are the endgame enemies for Luffy?

>BB kidnapping Koby
It's time.

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Was Kaidou bigger than Moria and Kuma?

were Kuma and Moria oni?

no you moron, Oda explain it on a SBS

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Post updated captain Kata bounty
At least 2.2 B

No Straw Hats/Straw Hats potentially only being seen in the final panel. She still has her chance.

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No, they're the endgame enemies for Nami and maybe Brook

kaido is easily the same size as whitebeard so yes he is bigger than them

Bonney could beat her

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The real endgame is Gorosei and Imu.

Blackbeard pirates are filler outside of Shiryu and the 10th.

Pedro's will was just bureaucracy?

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no because the plot is starting to move again
Her chance was on the down time post arc chapter
it's unironically over

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>koby is the finall princess
LuKosisters we won.

Nope. Chapter isn’t focused on the crew once again. Still has her chance.
Here’s to another week.

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Carrot status?

Who's the best princess Koby or Law?

Just how fucking strong is he

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Carrotniggers really ruining these threads.

Being a marinefag is suffering.

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Yeah, nothing new. fucking pests

extremly strong , fucker literally swam the grand line killing sea kings nobody else tried that shit

>According to Eten, Rayleigh doesn't fight but stops the conflict like Shanks did in Marineford
Sword users>>>>>>>

>Imagine Blackbeard firing love beams
And nobody getting petrified, kek

Pedro: Gone
Chobro: Gone

She deserved better

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>LuHanfags thought Hancock would be the one to get kidnapped by Blackbeard to create LuHan drama
>It ended up being Coby

Probably could have ended Wano in 5 chapters.


Noland did that, didn't he?