One Piece

>Marine bussy

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>blackbeard is black
>all the pacifista are black now
end game one piece is all blacks

Vegapunk only make jobbers

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Chapter 1059 Captain Koby’s Case
-New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black wings
-Blackbeard attacked Amazon Lily amidst the Marine Invasion, he wants Hancock’s power. His new bounty is 3.996 billion
-Hancock turned most of the invaders(including Devon and Vasco) into stone. Her new bounty is 1.659 billion
-Rayleigh halted the conflict
-Koby is abducted by Blackbeard pirates

>cobyfags in suicide watch

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Devon "hates" beautiful women but is immediately affected by Hancock's sex ray that you are immune to if you don't find her sexy? She really is a rapy lesbian isn't she.

So no one's gonna talk about how the new Pacifistas are based off the Lunarians?

>It's time for a great cleansing
>My Hierophants of Doom
>My Dark Angels
>Children of Death, born from the blood of the warrior race of Elbaf and the fallen Gods of old themselves
>Go, and kill the reincarnation of the Sun God JoyBoy

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>Beast pirates job to Greenbull
>BB pirates collectively get shit on by Boa Hancock
>BM pirates collectively job to a waterfall
Yonko commanders are the Vice Admirals of the NW, good to know.

Hancock can turn cyborgs and metal rod into stone.

>Devon is a lesbian
>Nami is also a lesbian
Devon vs Nami confirmed

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They are meant to be a superior race, aren't they? A shame they are still children, but in 5 years the whole world would be fucked, if Caesar and Judge's researchs are anything to go by

Does this mean Law and Jinbei are homos?

>mfw I shouldn't have taken that promotion and should've listened to Kuzan

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Luffy is gay?


>Smoker and Tashigi took Caesar's gigantification victims to Vegapunk to cure them
>They get gene modded into Lunarians and converted into Pacifistas instead

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i miss pre TS Nami

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Dark Piece is back.



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>Ennies Lobby being invaded and going to shit
Adnirals do nothing
>Shichibukai abolished, marines have to catch them now
Admirals do nothing
>Literally any time anything big happens
Admirals do nothing
Why are they so fucking under utilized? Theyre supposedly the strongest military power the marines have yet they do not do shit, like at all. Kizaru is supposedly one of the strongest people out there, yet hes just fucking around at the HQ for the last 400 chapters, I fucking hate Hackda.

>Janny deletes the last general for no reason
>Now theres 2 split general threads
I fucking hate these braindead faggots so fucking much

He lost to Akainu on purpose to be free from the JOBrines.

Aokiji might have dodged a massive bullet by getting out of the Marines when he did.

>keeps shitting on goverments
>is fine with monarchies if it has a nice king or queen
What is Oda's problem?

3 with 20+ replies


Beat Luffy 3 separate times and only lost to an MC plot armor gimmick because he's hyper cucked by liquids as a counter
Took literally the entire crew + Nightmare Luffy asspull + a fucking tower falling on him to actually beat him
legitimately fodderized the entire SH crew and made them all collectively shit their pants at the sight of him
Mocked and clowned Luffy and could have easily stomped him if she wanted to, was already 1tapping pacifistas in Marineford
Knight of the Sea, now worth a billion, and is Luffy's YC3/4
Luffy's first legitimate opponent post-TS that easily was Kaido's most powerful subordinate
Worth 3 god damn billion with one of the most overpowered fruits in the series
Probably the legitimate retard son of Whitebeard, has island-breaking retard strength
Nothing even needs to be said, his reputation spoke for itself.
THE villain of the series.

If you ever thought the Shichibukai were weak, you unironically have fucking brain damage.

Blackbeard 10th titanic captain is a pretty woman

My guess. They are artificial humans created with Lunarians DNA, perfected gigantification and also cyborgs.

Also, they probably work like Judge's clones, with advanced aging. the kid form isn't their final form.

People talking about marines jobbing but a fucking captain jobbing to a yonk isnt that big of a deal to me but BB pirates jobbing to fucking Boa Hancock of all people is something out of a spic fanfiction chapter, holy fucking embarrassing.

Then post the full size you faggot insect

why does he just delete the ones wuth 20 replies? Why does he delete the active one with enarly 100?

Warlords are above Yonko commanders

Peronabros we won.

From what I saw when it was deleted these threads were like at 0 or 2 replies so they just dispersed everybody to these 3

Catarina would be an adventurous lay for sure

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Boa Hancock was always supposed to be that strong.
They aren't but Boa is up there. You guys thought her having CoC was just for show.

To think the closest to a democracy we saw in One Piece was back in Buggy's island and when Dalton suggested for an election to decide who would rule Drum Island but in the end he just became a king himself instead (by popular choice though)

Oda's views, it seems.
>Monarchy is natural government, and with a good king is the best
>Lesser nobles are usually shit
>Democracy can also be good, at least at the city/town level
>Federal governments are evil incarnate

Coby is about to find out the real meaning behind the initial D.

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Is this for ants?

so he's objectively correct in every way

>you'll be a butt pirate coby-chan

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Coby has a mission from the SWORDS to spy on the Blackbeard pirates.
It's part of his plan

Post Cute and Canon

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Pretty fucked that they were all so afraid of Kaidou and Big Mom. Jinbei and Doffy legit shit themselves over those two.

>thinking she would job

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it's free real state user

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Boa Hancock being strong and shitting on a yonk crew including taking down 2 of their commanders in the process and needing their captain to save them while also fighting the marines is another.

Blackbeard crew is nerfed....

Why does everyone see blackbeard as some rapist?

take a look at him

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like a geisha, getting buttfucked by the target in the hopes he spills the beans.

Because they were both legitimate monsters of even greater power + had massive armies.
The armies part can't be understated.

Hancock was always meant to be the 2nd 3rd strongest Warlord.

he is Somalian

I will find the tulpa-tulpa no mi and finaly materialize carrot in my room

It really isn't. Unless you expected BB's commanders to all have CoC potential. They will be paired against the Strawhats. Of course they aren't all that strong.

>put on the lipstick Koby-chan!

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What's Coby's new code name in Sword? Broken Buck?

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