Who does this character appeal to?

Who does this character appeal to?

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Women who want to self insert as a hot autist with a hot husband who takes care of everything. Also, clout-chasing porn artists.

muh dick




Incel here. We like Yor since she's a pure, hardworking virgin.

Autists who like good looking mentally unstable girls like Yor, perhaps.

Woman enjoyers.

I wish autistic girls were this hot.

What's her body count?

Son of a bitch that's been a pun the whole time.
>a man with trust issues and a woman with a high body count

One hundred men. Maybe more.

1. Me.

>Big tits
>Socially awkward
>Quirky when drunk

Literally wish-fulfillment waifu and I'm not complaining, this fucker mangaka made the perfect girl.

I hate you niggas who dont know what this word means. She needs to have had children and be atleast 35 to be considered a MILF. She's just a girl in her 20s.

This but I also love her hot psycho mode, imagine all the wild sex

Body of a milf still counts as a milf you absolute disgrace of a being called human

What the hell is the body of a milf? Are you such a fucking pedo that any girl with a well developed body is a MILF for you?

>t. wilight

Dispair but also an erection

>I hate you niggas who dont know what this word means
Middle in Life Female

straight males and lesbian females

user I....