How do you think the Second Freeza Saga/Black Freeza Saga will play out? Could it surpass the Moro arc...

How do you think the Second Freeza Saga/Black Freeza Saga will play out? Could it surpass the Moro arc? Perhaps even reach the level of Namek itself? I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited.

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Why did it take so long for someone to figure out they could exchange lifespan for godlike power?
Also, can you cheat the system by wishing for immortality and then exchange lifespan for power?
Also, why isn't Frieza looking for the dragon balls?

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As to the first question, the main cast and the Namekians generally don't make selfish wishes, and the villains felt immortality would be a better choice since they were already seemed pretty confident in their own power. As to the second question, I have no idea. I wonder if Freeza will try for immortality again, and maybe even try to use the Dragon Balls for power in that way?

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Unless it gets good writing, and with Toyotaro's skills it won't, I think we can expect an arc that might start off well, show potential, but in the middle turn into boring and dull shit with making fans beg for its ending in the next chapter.

But if a miracle happens and we get Black Frieza arc in kino quality, I say it might be one of the best Dragon Ball arcs, especially if Broly will be there after training, and Gohan Beast with Orange Piccolo.

To be fair, I wouldn't want to judge whether such arc could be better or worse than Namek. I want it to be kino, but present its own unique atmosphere.

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>they could exchange lifespan for godlike power?
it's WAY not a good deal, imagine losing half your life. half the characters have other things than fighting going on already, like kuririn. the others would rather train. fighting is their life, so it'd still not be a favorable deal. at most you might pull off fending an immediate threat, then by the next threat you're dead.
>wishing for immortality
still no idea why this plot point was dropped.
>and then exchange lifespan for power?

I think the release schedule is really what hurt the Granolah arc. Reading it all through again in one go really gave me a new perspective on it. Besides, it seems to have mostly been a preamble to the new Freeza arc coming up soon. Did you not like the writing of the Moro arc? I certainly did.

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I don't think he will be the villain again, but he may come into conflict with our hereos in future sagas. Surely they will join forces again to defeat a greater villain.

>Perhaps even reach the level of Namek itself?
Imagine thinking this traced spicbook written by a chinless capeshit-obsessed hack could come anywhere close to classic Dragon Ball.

Didn't you feel that the manga Black arc was better than its anime counerpart? Didn't you enjoy the Moro arc? I don't get the hate for the Super manga at all.

>Didn't you feel that the manga Black arc was better than its anime counerpart?
Kek. Fucking no.
>apparently I have healing powers
>apparently I have Hakai powers
>apparently I have Mastered Super Saiyan Blue powers
>Didn't you enjoy the Moro arc?
You mean that dull rehash of the Cell arc?
> I don't get the hate for the Super manga at all.
Because you have the low standards typical of a Mexican Dragon Ball "fan".

all that they need is frieza and jiren for a long arc, and they will make money

I think the problem with super is that it opened the door up to all these god tier fighters and worlds that every arc feels like a tease. The last 4 stories (2 arcs, 2 movies) felt like the stories have weighted clothes on. They have all these strong fighters now it would be a huge waste if we didn't get an arc where the strongest have to work together to fight some big bad with the other universes involved. That is really the only way you could really justify super's existance, otherwise we are going to keep getting these half assed nostalgia bait stories

Mortrals training with the gods have some limited access to godly power. I don't see how that, or a development of Super Saiyan Blue, is in any way strange. Also, the Moro arc is better than the Cell arc imo just because it actually involved the whole cast in interesting ways. The Cell Jrs were pretty lame.

oh yeah just train and achieve better form than angels can teach you, just fucking give us the ressurected universes arc with evil gods and angels, you don't need to rewarm freeza

>frieza gets not to jiren levels but close in 4 months
>jiren is in the level of GoDs
>skip to training for 10 years
>already foreshadowed in anime ToP angels/gods mean nothing to frieza
frisbee's got it

I don't think Black Frieza is the next arc. Frieza is now is a recurring character in the series, his latest appearance was to establish his relevance again not turn him into the villain of the next arc. If Frieza is killed eventually, it will be later on in the final arcs of DBS.
Next arc will either probably be about the other universes or if we'll get something new. I personally want a Vomi arc.

At this point nothing would surprise me, its really up in the air

>Gohan Beast with Orange Piccolo.
I'd be happy to see Piccolo and Gohan, but I never want to see those dogshit transformations again.

At least, the manga has kinda respected Vegeto.
Also, how is the Master Super Saiyan Blue or Hakai worse than the genkidama sword or the super saiyan rage?

Frieza might even become a new Vegeta at this point.