One piece spoilers

Brief summary from Etenboby

Chapter 1059 Captain Koby’s Case

-New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black win

-Blackbeard attacked Amazon Lily amidst the Marine Invasion, he wants Hancock’s power. His new bounty is 3.996 billion

-Hancock turned most of the invaders(including Devon and Vasco) into stone. Her new bounty is 1.659 billion

-Rayleigh halted the conflict

-Koby is abducted by Blackbeard pirates

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>dude believe my headcanon hancock is weak as fuck!
>oneshots half a yonko crew


Hancock OP, nice to see another top tier female, although it's most likely still offscreen.

>they are (big)children
SSG was in development before Punk Hazard right?

if this is true then Hancock let Ace die
smart move, getting people close to Luffy killed so that she doesn't have to share


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>the biggest threat in the one piece world is a bunch of black kids
is oda racist or not?

>Aramaki bitched out by Shanks’ CoC
>Kizaru too much of a dog to do anything unless told by Akainu
>Fujitora fails to subdue Sabo not once but twice
>Akainu himself reduced to being a reactionary character who has everything that could possibly go wrong for him actually go wrong for him
>SSG comprised of a bunch of giant Lunarian kids
>Koby kidnapped
Literally is it over for them?

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>Blackbeard was worth 2.247 billion when he announced that he's leaving his island
>His bounty somehow increased by 1.7 billion when he was sailing to Amazon Lily

You can't defend this. Don't even try. That's a bigger increase than Luffy received after Wano.

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Post Cute and Canon

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Nothing... happened...

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The way Oda rushes the main conflicts offscreen is generating more and more plotholes nonstop to the point of leading to an abrupt ending. Just another trainwreck lol.

>Godbeard effortlessly surpasses Shitffys bounty
Enter Godbeard
Exit Shitffy

No Straw Hats this chapter?

>Writer writes them as a bunch of jobbing shitters that job to pre timeskip Luffy
>Sudenly they jump up 10 tiers
>oh no its our fault
No its not, Oda is just a dogshit writer.


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He defeated the SSG and kidnapped Coby

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Koby the failure
Koby the weak
Koby cuck
Koby the embarrassment
What is his marine title gonna be?



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GODssho is always 3 steps ahead of Imu

>no boringhats
Good chapter

Maybe it's because of Shanks' warning.

>luffy rival team lost to his waifu

Is there really hope?

Does anyone really care about Lunarians? They're just nogs with wings and can make fire, that's like the most basic bitch power in One Piece fucking everyone and their grandma can generate fire and fly

Please show the 10th commander

Only apply to Crocodile

I'm not gonna say it again. if you don't like one piece, go back to twitter

>3 threads

His bounty increase is warranted. The weapon they prayed on to switch the tide to the marine
favors got defeated by BB.
she is lying kek. the redon leaks correspond 1:1 to the arab leak and the arab leak says ssg gets clocked by BB pirates.


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Koby PRETENDED to be defeated and LET himself be captured by WahalliBeard. Once he figures out where their base is he WILL contact CHADkainu and the CHADines WILL come to his rescue, defeating the NiggerBeard Pirates. Screencap this.

>Only the mc can train
Kill yourself faggot.


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>Redon leaks
Are Eten’s leaks.

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Vegapunk fucking made them child soldiers didn't he

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We never saw those Warlords "train" though, Oda cocksucker

Kid: 2.53 Billion increase
Law: 2.5 Billion increase
Blackbeard: 1.752 Billion increase
Luffy: 1.5 Billion increase
Luffy was lowballed really fucking hard

>1V10s your yonko crew while taking two captains out
Hancock is a monster

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>Rayleigh halted the conflict
Oh look, now it suddenly does not sound like Rayleigh alone destroyed all Seraphim that exist.
The illeteral spics from earlier may kneel to me now but they will probably just hide.

let's just put our trust in SSG to job

my wife

CoC users built different.

Blackbeard? Way stronger than Luffy


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I thought she was a woman.

This actually sounds dope, hopefully we get a little more info on the battle, it sounds sick.

Doesn't matter the Arab leak came first and says BB wins over SSG and everything else is similar to it.

Boa Hancock
>Queen of the Amazons
>3 haki type user
>User of the Mero Mero no Mi
>Cant keep her ground against Marines and Yonko crew at the same time
>Most beautiful woman in the world
We eating good today Boabros.

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Why does Blackbeard want her fruit?
So it's confirmed he was going to get it before the marines could. But why? It's not that good. It's only good for her because she's so attractive.

>Doesn’t matter
It doesn’t

>with white hair, brown skin and black win
So they are Lunarian clones?

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Go back do /dbs/ Pablo. One Piece is the white man's shonen.

So in the final war we will see a bunch of children getting fodderized?

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It does matter. Why would Eten lie about that, you fucking retard?

worthy wife of the future pirate king

Dang it, Etenbobby!

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Carrot status?

Chadbeard will combine it with a transformation fruit

>New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black wings
So literally cyborgs based on king's race?

So this dude's definitely a disguised revo right?

My guess. They are artificial humans created with Lunarians DNA, perfected gigantification and also cyborgs.

Also, they probably work like Judge's clones, with advanced aging. the kid form isn't their final form.

Is Marco in this chapter or not?

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Its fucking over, isnt?

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>It's time for a great cleansing
>My Hierophants of Doom
>My Dark Angels
>Children of Death, born from combining the blood of the warrior race of Elbaf and the fallen moon Gods of old themselves
>Go, and kill the reborn Sun God JoyBoy

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Blackbeard's bounty jumping that high is nonsense, he'd done fuck all.

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Because she an Oda drone who hypes up every fucking chapter you moron. SSG giving trouble to some of BB commanders means nothing when they get the job done in the end.

Two chapters out of Wano and things are getting good again. the last 10 chapters of Wano were hell.

>new Pacifista are artificial Lunarians
Called it. Everybody fucking called it. At this point, fans are right so often that we can assume we know the basic plot points of the rest of OP.

How does a fucking yonko crew job to a single shichibukai, fucking kek.

>Don't worry! Vegapunk is a nice guy!

Why did Tashigi lie to them?

Yeah, you’re just coping.


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Did Fujitora completely fucked over the Marines?

The Warlords were a problem and they barely ever put any effort in helping the Marines but now they've made enemies of them and have nothing to show for it

The government and Caesar's research into gigantification were separate (after the incident).

C'mon your getting banged by this

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Looks like artificial lunarian with giant DNA and probably cyborg enhancements.

>no argument
Dumb fucking faggot

Better or worse?

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>"Zehahaha, behold my final form...Mugiwara!"

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What is there to argue? Eten > your copium.

>I-is that an airfryer?!?!?
>SASUGA SSG, Now we don't even need to draft in new marines anymore!

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There are no SHs except possibly at the very end. 1060 is the last chance.

Boa the strong
Boa the beautiful
Boa the king
Boa the supreme

KEK and some retard claimed that BB could take on the WG LMAO look at his dogshit crew. two captains out like nothing by a mere YC1 level girl.
Greenbull would never

The arab leak Eten based herself on to says 1:1 the same shit and came first and says BB wins over SSG.

Cope you dumbfuck

You're a retard for thinking she wouldn't be off screened after Oda off screened loads of characters. He off screened Yamatos change of mind and didn't even show Marco.

I apologize. Please don't castrate me.


>based herself on

I like Koby so yeah I'm getting pretty BTFO

No I mean before the arc Punk Hazard. Otherwise I'm assuming Vega turned those kids into big luniggians.

Luffy looks like he's wondering if they can get much higher.

Then why does it say the same shit?

Neither Yamato nor Marco adventured with the SH for an arc.

Hancock would absolutely destroy him. The guy is a womanizer, pretty sure she can mind control him with her beauty alone.

Boa's fruit is a hard counter to all non-autistic straight males

Yes, that is almost certainly what happened.

Maybe because she has the chapter, you fucking retard? And it isn’t “1:1” the same since she says the SSG prove themselves. Cope.

Koby got himself captured on purpose so he can gather intel related to Blackbeard for his SWORDbros, similar to Drake becoming a Tobiroppo for Beast Pirate intel.

>The SSG are strong but they're not strong enough to stop a Yonko
Is what the arab leak said. Yes they are strong but still lost.

>-New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black win
Actually sounds more interesting than I was expecting from the SSG. I wonder if they're really Pacifista in that they're cyborgs or if they're just cloned Lunarians? I would prefer the latter since the Lunarians are a cool concept and could use some further screen time.

>but still lost

>goes to take Hancocks DF
>had his crew completely shat on by Hancock
>bitches out when old Rayleigh comes to the front
>copes by kidnapping a marine captain instead and then fucks off
Killed any hype this faggot had in one single chapter, holy shit.

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Goofy robots with wacky DFs is way more interesting as a concept

May I offer you a Carrot during this heated thread sir?

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So if the other spoilers are true, the SSG already jobbed?

Bros the plan is failing he's getting BLACKED!

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Probably lost. But I'm telling you, this kid form of them isn't their end level. They will grow up into their adult form by the end of the manga.

Cope the Arabs reported everything earlier then Etentranny


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>He doubted the wife of the next pirate king

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Rev double agent

>cleaning the balls of Doc Q's horse with my tongue is all part of our plan!!! here's how marines can still win

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