My Hero Academia, when you take the fandom out of consideration, is still shit from the very beginning...

My Hero Academia, when you take the fandom out of consideration, is still shit from the very beginning. The two in the picture might have something to do with it.

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>from the very beginning
Eh, I honestly thought it had potential. The concept at least. The idea of a Quirkless kid brute forcing his way into herodom is good on paper. But the fact Hori chose to give Midoriya one of the most busted powers in series and then refuse to really develop him as a character past who he was in that first chapter/episode definitely killed it early on.
Though much of the fan base being either the worst parts of tumblr or the worst parts of shonen retardation definitely doesn't help. I thought Naruto made my fujo hate peak but MHA showed me that was merely the cusp of my hatred for their ilk.

MHA made me despise the underdog trope once I realized there are too many underdog MCs and very few authors that actually know how to write the trope with some decency.

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I think him getting an op quirk could have worked, if it had been the 7 quirks thing from the beginning instead of superstrength.
Would have allowed deku to be clever with his powers instead of punching harder.

>honestly thought it had potential
Same. As soon as that shitty school music festival started you could tell it was never going to meet that potential.

>The virgin underdog
>The Chad "enemy-rapist"

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green nart always seemed too generic to me
also it attracts the most normalfag entry-level fan bitches ever

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>Why didn't Deku work out
He did, for like a year straight with All Might.
Even before that he was studying like crazy. It is logical to assume that the written portion of the exam could be enough to squeeze by
>Why did Deku apply to UA if he had zero chance
He signed up because he wanted the option, he knew he was going to back out, until all might tried to help him out.

Most "plot holes" are just people thinking about shit too hard.

if he truly wanted to be a hero he should have started his training before he met All Might, not after.

Physical strength was not a realistic option without a quirk.
Studying could have helped him inch his way in and become a sidekick possibly, as a narrow attempt at graduating with something.


It should've followed several students in 1A as main protagonists, that way it wouldn't get boring as they develop their powers in different ways instead of making one singular kid into quirk jesus. Would've worked better for character development because multiple protagonists would allow for more interactions with different groups of heroes. But nope, quirk jesus.

It should've followed at most five students, in an apprenticeship-based partnership with a pro heroes. No schoolshit, no huge cast, integrates the adult storyline with the student storyline, classic superhero trope.

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with deku you have him dressed as a girl and getting fucked in the ass by his bully

True underdogs don't exist in the kind of shonen you read/watch. They always eventually find a source of unusual power be a mentor/training method who skyrockets his gains, being literally gifted overpowered abilities, reveal he had super special powers all along and so forth.

You would fare slightly better reading more down to earth martial arts shonen. Sometimes they actually have underdogs who never get any real advantage besides being forged in battles like any other martial artists.

It is the difference between settings where the characters are grounded on the limitations of a real world human and therefore there's not much room for asspulls (unless they have stupid shit like physically impossible "techniques"), and settings where shitting magic is the standard and therefore it is just to be expected for the MC to get crazy powers.

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You say this like it's a bad thing.

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>no schoolshit
what do you mean? there should be some element of academia in boku no hero acedemia.

Its just a shitty shounen trying disguise itself as capeshit.

that only happens when you search trap Joseph and for a completely different reason

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