Hollow ataraxia anime when?

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Fate is dead, Mahoyo is the new big cheese.

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Mahoyo remake will generate a total of no money.

>Mahoyo remake

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tsukihime will ride neco arc memes till it gets becomes big

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HA is unadaptable, the format of the story doesn´t work any way that´s not a VN.

Maybe, but at what cost?

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more shitty FGO pandering

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Hopefully never.

Fuck you, it's one of the only things I'm looking forward to

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Between Aniplex and modern Type-Moon, you know it's not going to come out how you want.

>Hollow ataraxia anime when?
I don't think it could work in an anime at all.

It's not even remotely linear from memory. In fact time loops was a theme from memory.
Plus it was full of pornographic fan service. No way would modern Fate touch that now.

Mahoyo is for dickless trannies

Sex with Aoko

I want to see Medea poop

Mohoyo comes out this November in English right?
As someone who loves Tsukihime VN, I’m excited

What is this shipfaggotry? No sane person would every think of genderbent Trunks and Phoenix Wright gay porns

The Emiya cooking series was pretty much HA, or at least set within HA.

Oh you know they would find a way to butcher it it they wanted to, the only reason it hasn't been adapted yet is because it focuses on parts of Fate lore secondaries don't know about or care about.

based AokoChad dabbing on Fatekeks that don't have any of their games OFFICIALLY translated.

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December 8th.