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monday speedtl

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>what you mean "plotting this"?
>are you saying I planned the whole thing?
>there's no way I could calculate all that to do it
>I'm not a god or anything you know
>well but
>I did participate a little I guess?

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Kana a cute
Snek Ruby a cute

>mmm, right
>I'll tell you since we are siblings
>it'll be special case because I also referred your idea as well alright?
>my idea?
>yup that's right
>because I imitated you
>your method of using the moment when "lovenow" got in trouble
>about how aqua used akane chan to make himself known to public

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>I was in awe
>because it was so effective
>back then
>everyone was focusing on aqua and akane chan
>I thought I could do the same
>why would you...
>someone said this to me

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>he said, "be kind to AD"
>because "he will be D in future"
>and I also thought he was right
>I think it's too laidback
>I cannot wait that long
>I have to increase my stature
>right this moment

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>hoshino san
>I heard this project was your idea
>I thought you were just fooling around
>but this...
>became surprisingly a decent project
>and your way of handling it was also great
>thanks to that, I barely managed to survive
>how can I repay you back for this..
>if you want to repay me...

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>then cast me frequently in urushibara D's project
>that's all I need
>if one wishes to conquer,
>rather than going for AD,
>one should conquer D himself

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Jesus christ Ruby is turning into a whore.

Just like mom!

Yeah i LOVE IT

>with this incidence, urushibara D is indebted to me so
>he will surely cast me again!
>so you...
>to persuade urushibara D
>intentionally caused the program to get into trouble?
>it's a pure coincidence you know?
>because I already knew this program's interview process has issues
>from preliminary survey I did for project proposal

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>one should conquer D himself

>all I did was introducing someone who will likely cause troubles
>meiya san had numbers of similar experiences in the past
>how should I put it, she has a habit of leaking secrets
>whenever someone does something
>she puts it on twitter so fans can attack her target

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>so I thought
>she will definitely do it again this time around
>wasn't she your friend?
>not at all
>because I hate people who can't keep their mouth shut
>nowadays, everyone from everywhere disclose something
>and I think it's weird
>disclosure can make world a better place if used correctly
>but most of them are used as a method of personal attacks

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I bet Aqua's regretting letting her become an idol right now.

This is actually way worse than anything Aqua did before. What the hell Ruby.

An entire chapter of Ruby and Aqua talking. And Aqua being a hypocrite, but hey.
>>one should conquer D himself

Goddamn Raccoon got cucked hard.

he has his sister

>Ruby uses cancel culture as a weapon to make herself more famous
How can one girl be this unfathomably based?