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Death to sniffers.

>Noselet cope
Every single time

One day, that ahoge is gonna kill somebody.

It’s already cannibalized the majority of its host’s brain to fuel its growth.

Link to chapter thread please

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Gamo has the nastiest fart

>toes not looking like bird talons
An assistant drew this panel

>no tanlines
I wonder what this means

She's the only actual gyaru among them

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Based the mad lad over delivered

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Breaking the fourth wall

He finally learned how to draw feet and by god he's going to make sure we know it


Naga: And making Senpai the virgin gushes nosebleed
Naga: from seeing me nude sounds like fun.
Sen: Huh!?

Naga: You'll be gushing nose bleed~(heart)
Naga: Gush~(heart)
Naga: Gushing from nude~(heart)
Sen: I'm not going to gush!

Naga: Nude, nude, gush(heart)
Naga: Nude, nude, gush(heart)

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So where is all the naked stuff?

I don't think 774 is going to cop out with just posing in a towel, it will be nude though not necessarily full frontal, like from the back or so
He's emphasized it too much in this chapter for it to be a fake out/more blue balling

Nah, Senpai will just say Nagatoro doesn't need to model exactly like Prez because she is special in her own way something Prez will never have, cue Nagatoro teasing him that he can only see her nude if she was her boyfriend. Then pops out Prez who will pose for Senpai personally and then Nagatoro spills spaghetti.