One piece

Perona is my one piece

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Post Cute and Canon

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Carrot for Nakama

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Couples that ride dolphins together stay together.

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"imu-sama...we are ready.."

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The new 4 Emperors are a million times more charismatic and interesting than the filler fodder that were the original 4.

Luffy will impregnate Nami

>even GLR is shitting on one piece because of wano
You gotta understand how crazy it is for one of oda's top 5 cocksuckers to be shitting on wano. oda seriously fucked up HARD with wano.

the worst part? oda had the perfect chance to fix it all and STILL fucked it all up. this manga is finished. oda ruined it.

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- New leak by @shnksq




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What was the fix?

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Where are the spoilers ?

Nakama? Tama

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OP is a giant faggot. Fuck your shitty waifu threads.

what is so wrong about Wano? How exactly did he fuck up?

In 16 hours


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In 5

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That's the same retard who keeps saying that Yamato is in.
Fuck off

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>he’s afraid

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Further proving my point on how much of an obese jobless retard OP is.

If Moria did team up with Blackbeard then that is incredibly pathetic and I lost all respect for his character.

Stay fucking mad

the obvious solution was to reveal kaido and big mom weren't dead, have them rise out of the lava somehow, show more of kaido's backstory, maybe have them fight one last time, hell even give kaido another bullshit form, have them destroy the walls around wano, you could even have kaido do it while leaning into the whole "this country will come to ruin without me keeping the other beasts away" narrative, he could say something like "you want this country open so badly, we'll I'll do it for you", around that time you could have green bull show up which would tie into that whole idea, you could easily spend more time tying up loose ends, etc.

there are a million ways you could have fixed this arc but oda just didn't GIVE A FUCK

>even GLR is shitting on one piece because of wano

I refuse to watch his video because I know he will say something dumb like "Wano has some very obvious weaknesses, still a 10/10 arc for me though", like the limp wristed retard he is


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Who the fuck is GLR ? Fuck you and fuck him faggot. I love Wano

trust the plan , it can only be one man

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Moria is dead and just a zombie now.

If Moria teamed up with BB, I am all for Perona being the 10th commander for Luffy to face her former boss.

Who ? Go back to youtube and go suck his cock. Arthur is more like able than this faggot

Boa has the Medusa DF


Etenboby confirmed that Marco and Luffy are at Ace’s grace

Thats sounds godawful

Artur is based though

Robin sex!

>22 years later
STILL no Gin
Oda is a hack

If someone were to replace Shanks who would you want it to be?
Hard mode: no Croc or Mihawk

The downfall of One Piece started in WCI not Wano. There is literally a 10 hour documentary about it. Highlighting Oda's shit writing.

What have you done today to protect his smile?

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We would still be in Wano. Get over it

What documentary

How different would One Piece be if Oda was a Zoomer?

I'm a virgin.

it would become spic piece

I mean, you read Wano right? The Yamato build up was weird if she was never going to join and her declining was off screened. Carrot was left ambiguous with a shoehorned position of being the leader of zou (she might be a stowaway on the thousand sunny or kidd/laws ship) Jinbei knowing about the raid and showing up was off screened as well as his escape from WCI. Rushing chapters to promote film red. Ending Kaido with a punch when he said he wasn't going to do that.

and the greatest offense was not showing Gecko Moria's reaction after reading the newspaper after joining blackbeard.

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Based Tamabro

confirmed by drumz

Arthur's reviews are more interesting than those youtube fag. OP youtubers/ e celeb need to be put down

Everyone is gay and black.

Perona will always be best girl

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>Mariejois Holy Knights
Which group is going to be more impressive?

we know Boa

demon slayer level of deviantart-ness

Can you explain this? I'm a new fan and only been invested for a few months now and it all seems pretty consistent throughout the entire story.
Is it possible that long term fans have managed to just poison their brains from being involved for such a long time?

>t malding yamatroon

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Didn't read. Do you think I care ? We are here to talk about waifu not story. Go fuck yourself faggot

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The Knights. SSG will just be a way to give background characters fights during the final war

>ah we meet again, Shanks

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We know, Sanji

Boa is actually a Mythical Zoan Model Medusa.


Killed by Devon