Name one anime that is a flawless artistic masterpiece

Name one anime that is a flawless artistic masterpiece

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no art is flawless

Kino no Tabi

there are no flawless anime
there are no flawless anything

art's quality lies in the eye of the beholder, you colossal cuntosaurus

but for me it's haibane renmei - it just sort of pushed every button possible for me and i loved it

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Porco rosso

Futanari no Elf

Last Exile.

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Boku no Pico.

hentai that doesn’t fully commit to being hentai, so close to perfection but blue-balls too hard

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

girls last tour

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>Owari no Uta

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spirited away

Probably eva, I can see it sticking around for centuries unironically.

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All my friends got into anime in the last 5 years and every time I try to talk about any anime other than attack on titan, bleach, demon slayer or twitter flavor of the month they give me the fluoride stare

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Inferno Cop.

Would be flawless if it adapted the whole manga.

Sonny Boy.

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