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Did you like the new movies user?

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What up with Eureka in that scene?

She's assumed direct control of the Scub Coral in an alternate universe. Anemone has been injecting herself .Hack style into the world of Eureka Seven and changing the plot to kill Renton every time they encounter him. Eureka goes full Magooka and says she'll rewrite the world over and over again as much as necessary, becoming "the devil" if it means keeping Renton alive.

Why do the movies even exist.

Are they trying to make each new incarnation of Eureka Seven darker than the previous one at this point?

The last movie doesn't even feel like eureka, more like a gundam spinoff which I thought eureka was supposed to be a counter to.

Nah, it's honestly only for that one scene that she loses her composure. It's the climax of the film where it's revealed that Anemone has been fucking with Eureka's timeline and Eureka killed her father in retaliation. It's honestly pretty good. The movie is darker for sure, but it's so detached from the rest of the series that it can honestly do whatever it wants. In the movies, the plot of Eureka Seven all happened within the dream of the Scub Coral, and Eureka is the personification of the Scub hivemind. [spoilers] Anemone gets her out in the end, and all the Eureka Seven characters come to the real world [/spoilers]

No matter how the movies turn out, they'll never take Tiger Track from me.

Eureka is and will always be BONES making their own Evangelion. That's why they have The Zone, as their Instrumentality Equivalent, and it's why they are making movies in the first place. It's The Rebuild of Eureka Seven

BONES must be running out of money

The Anemone movie was ok

Needed more screaming geometric shapes melting mountains.

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only the original series is worth watching

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Post more E7 memes. I don't have any

I'm pretty sure he was reading the underground magazine they had a was completely aware of their criminal legal status.

Are there piss scenes in the new movies?

The only thing that comes to mind is that scene where Renton pisses himself in sleep tight young lovers or whatever that movie was called.

Trying to recreate lightning in a bottle

I'm not sure I would call Eureka Seven "lightning in a bottle." It's more like "lukewarm soup in a bottle."

Because the creator got pissy since the production committee told him to fuck off with his original melodramatic ideas and made Eureka 7 actually enjoyable.

Then it got successful and he had more control and decided to make the movies more like his original vision(garbage) and they just don't give a fuck at this point.

There were a few interviews with him where it's really obvious he's a spiteful incompetent retard with a chip on his shoulder about it.

I never got past the first one's half hour or whatever of disconnected reused footage.

But this track is pretty damn great.

He was aware of it, but he was also completely unaware of what it actually meant. That's why he has a moment where he processes the whole "oh wait, there are people inside the 'enemy' mechs" idea. He's also somewhat surprised when they take on smuggling jobs, but that's at least closer to something he can comprehend.
His view of them being criminals was closer to an idealized vision of his revolutionary idols being unjustly hunted by The Man than the reality of them being anti-government fighters led by the former captain of a genocide squad. Even once they get out into combat, he's so naive that he sees the opposing forces as faceless representatives of the system. That's part of why it becomes so important that he meets Anemone and Dominic.

It's a thunderstorm in a bucket. It absolutely deserves to be compared in the same league as NGE rather than being called a clone. Even where you can point to similar concepts, E7 uses them in radically different ways. NGE is so directly focused on individual experiences of connection/disconnection to others that it has limited messaging on societal matters, whereas E7 goes in that exact direction. For E7, the metaphysical stuff isn't talking about how individuals relate to each other so much as how communities interact. That's how you end up with all the "Renton, Eureka and the kids forming a family" stuff when they are wrestling with the scub, which of course ties in with all the familial themes stretching back to the first episode with the varying perceptions of Adroc and Holland's relationship with Diane.
Plus it establishes its own distinct aesthetic with all the musical stuff, the hippy/raver/surfer culture, and Buddhist slant on the metaphysical stuff augmented by the concepts from The Golden Bough.

I would say that NGE is more impressive in terms of art, direction, and other technical measures, but E7 is by far a more tightly constructed narrative.