Houseki no Kuni

Whatever happened to the promised 3DCG revolution and take over in the anime that was promised by the messiah that is Houseki no Kuni?

Maybe the upcoming season 2 will remind us?

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3d will never do moon fashion right

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>First episode date: October 7, 2017

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These last couple of chapters kinda sucked the enthusiasm out of me

I don't think it promised that
I actually like even trash-tier 3d animation like Estab-Life but it's still very niche

lol they just announced beastars final season animation


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they realised anime is a trash medium for presenting anything but the blandest garbage and kneeled to the mangaGODS


>Houseki NO Kuni
I want Houseki WITH Kuni

I couldn't bear more than 3 min of first episode. Whats your secret anons

the first 5 minutes of the first episode is just exposition
i agree it could have been done differently

dont have add

>that was 5 years ago

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give us more information, what was it that you couldnt bear?

Cute rocks doing cute things

next season will be normally animated by a horrible studio so we suffer along Phos

They are all MALE gem golem

Is Enma gay then?

Cringeworm is a so slutty it's not gay

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I meant because of 3D