DanDaDan Chapter 72 Somebody, Please Translate


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thanks OP.

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Momo is so jealous.

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someone better pick up that phone, because I FUCKING CALLED IT!

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Those Jiji's faces, now we know why he is still in the manga.

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I love when Momo is jealous.

>ancient akkadian cuneiform letters
Aliens did the pyramids confirmed
Yukinobu is a scholar

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What did happen with bully classmate whose heart stopped? Did she become irrelevant?

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translator mustache...its Phineas and Ferb refrence?

Thanks OP!
A warning just in case: in Mangaplus the chapter was published in mixed order, pages are all over the place
Also this chapter was really dumb, and the fatso's overused joke and Jiji dancing was worst than Hellsing comedic bits

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>my alien godzilla can't be this cute!

Harem manga are shit.

So they are going to use this cliche, let's see how it resolves.

CHADkarun, i kneel

>worst than Hellsing comedic bits
but I like hellsing comedy

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Fatso pls...

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>translator mustache...its Phineas and Ferb refrence?
Hamster & Gretel is really good

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Fuck this fatso man get the hell out.

why Jiji is so random?

Chapter in Mangaplus was fine for me

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>Fuck this fatso man get the hell out.
is really funny for me, I'm really enjoy seeing him so mad.

Momo time to do something.

Because he needs to be non-threatening so that the readers don't shit their pants over other men being in their harem shit.

>in Mangaplus the chapter was published in mixed order, pages are all over the place
It sometimes bugs out, just refreshing the page usually works.

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Best antagonists are back!

he is just acting like a normal kid do you fuckers never hang up with anybody?

and dead


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>tfw no autistic space furry kaiju gf

What's the point bros


The age of creepy faced aliens is ended. Time for serious aliens!


what a CHAD

El Hermano

Maybe it's the perspective but his feet look really small.