Dragon Ball Super

Why are fusions so weak?

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Isn’t it funny how UI genuinely hasn’t won a single fight without assistance?

I forgot about moros hand just stopping against UI Goku holy fuck that was retarded.

>holy fuck that was retarded
It's Dragon Ball.

Neither has fusion.

Gogeta obliterated Broly and Janemba by himself.

Whenever anyone posts about fusions being weak, it's a Jirentard that can't get over the fact that UI is not the strongest and that even going by the movie, Jiren was retconned as being weaker than even Zamasu who fought on par with a fusion.

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Wished away.
Not canon, and needed Pikkon.

>boogeyman schizophrenia instead of engaging with the argument
Anyone who claims fusion is stronger than UI is ignoring the story, and a blind character fanboy.

>Wished Away
Because he was getting mauled.


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I jobbed again...

Well it’s just god mode auto dodge, you can’t really win a fight if all you’re doing is perfect parrying, even if you are doing it on every single attack.

It's Veget

>argument begins with a nonstarter
>blatantly tries to ignore that it's that one character has a single counter ability that no one else has and not an argument about power
>expects people to argue
Congratulations on getting me to spend a minute replying, take your meds.

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My little brother recently asked me how to get started on Dragon Ball because of the fortnite stuff and I don't know what to tell him. I think I should just tell him to read the Mangas first, the original up to the Super Manga.

Tell him bedtime stories about dragon ball z.

Tell him to watch the DBZ anime.

>Ultra Instinct is broken, it's not fair to compare to a jobber like Gogeta/Vegerot! We need to discuss fanfic taco powerlevel numbers with fanfic taco power multipliers instead!
Ye that didn't stop Jiren, Granolah, Gas, and Freeza from beating it. Fusion will never be stronger than Ultra Instinct, and the only place you'll see ever it from now on is in SDBH.

Then why is SS4 Gogeta (CANON btFUCKINGw) the STRONGEST character in the history of DB?

>once again, ignores ONE counter against the fusions
Ultra instinct isn't broken, where did you get that from? Yeah and that should go to show you how much of a jobber form it is if SLURPza fodderized the form, who by all accounts is weaker than gohan beast, who won against an enemy that isn't even Broly tier, which Gogeta fodderized. I accept your concession.

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>wished away
Because BITCHly was getting demolished.

Don't try and argue with the Toyopaco.

>still no argument
>posting gay porn to cope
Gogeta gets hit by Moro.
Ultra Instinct doesn't.
Gogeta takes damage from Moro.
Ultra Instinct doesn't.
Gogeta can't finish off Moro quickly.
Ultra Instinct can.


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What if though?

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Towa is so beautiful…
Chronoa is so beautiful…

Can someone tell me why Toei gets to produce so many of the biggest anime of all time? Dragon Ball, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seya, Digimon?

>no counter argument
You lose, just like Gogeta would against UI.

>Granolah, Gas


>This is all from Paragus's perspective
Stop trying to play Broly as this misunderstood kid that was exploited.
Watch the actual movie, please.
>Scientist of a race Paragus made Broly conquer
Never stated, but sure.
He made that control device only AFTER Broly was complete unstoppable.
>tool of war
Again, only after he puts on the mind control device.
>it's a much older Broly hitting Paragus
Of course it is, young Broly wouldn't utterly dwarf Paragus's power as much as adult Broly.
Paragus himself says that Broly's power grew over time, as did his fear of him.
>years of killing people
He killed people whenever he wanted, Paragus didn't use Broly as some war tool.
You can see Broly flying in space as a kid and making an evil laugh as Paragus tries to stop him from destroying a planet.
Please, watch the FUCKING movie, you're embarrassing.

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TLDR: they are Chads.

Pretending characters don't exist isn't funny.