One Piece

In Odacchi we trust.

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Carrot is on the Sunny

Caribou is on the Sunny *

I want Zoro to sit on my face

Is that Robin?

LawGOD will claim the one piece

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Otama is on the Cunny

and defeat IMU

Final war has the Strawhats team up with the remnants of the Marines to defeat the Blackbeard Pirates, just like Roger and Garp teaming up to defeat Xebec. The tenth Blackbeard captain is defeated by Coby/Smoker/some other sympathetic Marine character
Akainu and Imu had been killed by Blackbeard in the previous arc, so Kuzan fights Fujitora/Kizaru/Aramaki (I don't think Aramaki will be killed with Akainu cause we haven't seen much from him yet). Possibly some other characters like Moria or Enel team up with Blackbeard too, giving the Grand Fleet someone to fight. I also imagine that Buggy will ally with Blackbeard for the sake of setting up Zoro vs Mihawk (and maybe Robin vs Crocodile but who knows)

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The gay scenes with Law saying that he'll die alongside Luffy in Desrossa would be so romantic if Law was a girl. Imagine the shipfags and their headcanons

Carrot will eat a devil fruit and join the crew and I can finally be happy again.

It’s Trafalgar ‘Send nudes’ D. Water Law.

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Try to tell me something about One Piece I do not know yet.

Two of the brokers looking to buy Caesar's weapons were beaten up by Luffy and Ace as kids

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"What was the purpose of Yamato?"
Well, let's discuss facts.

Fact: Oda didn't forget Carrot.
Many think he did, but he drew a specific scene with her, in the same chapter the SH left their goodbyes to their beloved companions and Yamato.

Fact: Carrot isn't insignificant enough to not deserve goodbyes.
Carrot travelled with the SH for +200 Chapters. In global popularity poll, she made the Top 10. She was important enough to be made Zou's leader, a country so intimately tied with Wano and the lore of JoyBoy. If she was insignificant, Oda wouldn't have given her a scene where the Dukes appoint her a leader, instead he'd have given us a cover story showing her as the new Duchess.

Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Oda went out of his way to show us crew interactions with Carrot, unique personality traits and quirks, to establish her as a unique and competent, but not overpowered fighter, with a powerful yet well-balanced gimmick. He then specifically had Pedro die, later making sure we know She inherited his will. (To bring about the Dawn of the World)

Fact: Carrot's contributions were NOT very important in WCI/Wano.
Oda could've cut Carrot out with some minor tweaks and the result would have been the same. So, this time we ask "What was the purpose of Carrot?"

Fact: Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
In Wano, Carrot all but vanished, AFTER Oda had established her as a potential new Strawhat candidate. He then brought in Yamato, a flashy character with such a concept it seemed like she was made to grab your attention. The backstory, unique devil fruit, design, connections to Ace, CoC, Kaido's son... She was a Nakamafaggot's wet dream. But she didn't join. Why? What WAS her purpose?

Yamato was a red herring.

Oda brought in Yamato specifically to distract. To make you think she'd join. Her entire existence was fanservice, merchandise and most importantly, to make you forget Carrot.
Oda didn't forget. He just tried to make sure you did.

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get help

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not reading that

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imu sama..the holy paladin order await your commands...

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Roger laughed because everything was pre ordained

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I want to make love to this woman

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Confirmed by Etenboby


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>rayleigh had to flee from blackbeard and left boa to be destroyed by the (b)lack(b)eard (c)rew
>rayleigh also left vegapunks shit there for blackbeard to loot along with boas holes

rayleigh bros, it's over

Roger idolized joy boy but joy boys new reincarnation idolized roger
It’s all circular
The straw hat was joy boys

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Reminder that Oda only killed off Pedro to give Carrot a reason to join the crew.

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Post Cute and Canon

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I need Zoro to sit on my face NOW

>It’s all circular
its like poetry, it rhymes

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Eh? What's that, sonny? I can't hear ya over the sound of all the wet ass pussy I'm getting

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>”Welcome home, user. How was the other thread? Are you tired? I made your favourite.”

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Sabo "accidentaly" impregnated Vivi, Koala is now on her way to kill him
Confirmed by ScotchInformer from ArlongPark Forums

Robin sex pls!!!

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Ancient Weapons in the final war:
100% on Luffy's side
Most likely getting stolen by Blackbeard, prompting Yamato, Momo, and Kinemon to leave Wano for the final war (And no, none of them will join the crew. They'll just be allies)
However, Franky will most likely build another Pluton to counter Blackbeard'
The biggest wildcard. I think it's connected to Nami's biological parents, so maybe Blackbeard will kidnap her to get his hands on it

What if Coby joined the crew at the start of the series instead of becoming a Marine

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Ssg sisters that doesnt make things any better... even teaming up with a Legend we still got offscreened.

So, you are saying the sequel to OP is going to be a character who idolizes Luffy, who in turn it going to be the new Roger?

>implying Uranus hasnt been found by Enel yet

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>Redon posted a gif of Blackbeard fucking Boa in the ass
LuHan sisters...

After joy boys second go around it’s over the will of destiny passes on



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Rayleigh jobbed wity the aid of the mighty SSG.
SSG jobbing to BB is ok to me.

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I don't get it, how were there so many people dumb enough to believe Coby could beat a YC1 opponent, the guy is not even a Vice Admiral and all those guys are currently jobbers, Coby has always been portrayed as a weakling

Ulti is dead and I still miss her.

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Rayleigh and SSG sisters...

he'd be usopp but with progression

>Starts off as a coward
>slowly gains confidence and strength but is still shy and humble
>now we're near the end of the series he's pulling his weight, is confident and has become a proper man

Are faith bros….we were swingled

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someone post THAT image

The voices told roger to fight rocks at god valley they told him it was imperative

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>not confirmed
I sleep

haki bros... how did a person with 2 fruits manage to dab on an s tier haki user...

why? You think this doesnt set up luhan even more? Or are you a lunafag

people die when they're forgotten

Rayleigh isnt a hakiman. He just a filthy swordsman.

So are the SH confirmed or not?
Can Carrotbros cope for another week?

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New hint from Redon

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>Yamato was a red herring.
to Tama, yes
>both have an Ace connection, but only Tama was promised to join
>both are grateful for the food given to them, but Yamato owes the samurai while Tama owes Luffy
>both were paired with Momo, but only Yamato's character has meaningful parallels and connection to be made (Momo is also her age now)
>Yamato is deeply connected to Wano, (Oden, Samurai, DF) while Tama has no family or real deep ties that hold her to it
>Yamato has interacted more with shinobu and the scabbards than the Straw Hats, Tama has interacted with Big Mom more than any Wano character
>Tama was introduced in the first chapter of Act 1, Yamato in the middle of Act 3
>All of Yamato's meaningful character moments are with Momo while all of Tama's character moments are with the original 3 strawhats
>Tama was included in every panel of Yamato first meeting with the crew
>Tama got confirmation from the captain, Yamato was grouped together with characters that will never become pirates
>Yamato spelled backwards is O-Tama

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Whoever jobs, we all lose as the shitposting will go overboard

Rocks being defeated at god valley ensured the correct timeline where joy boy comes back and wins was preserved

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