Kallen should have won

Kallen should have won.

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Kallen is dope but, come on, C.C is better.

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made for hotglueing

Why not enjoying both? They enjoyed each other during the timeskip between the seasons.

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user, Shirley won

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She would have, until she decided to betray him and sell him out. She has only herself to blame.

its not fair. she did nothing wrong

fuck you, rollo

she did win. she has a chance to find a good person to get together with, instead of volcel lelouch

Kallen won

Are you somehow managing to confuse Kallen and Ougi?

Well she didn't, she said her love for him will be engraved in her heart forever.

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Why not all 3.

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Leave Kallen to Lulu!

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Won the deathbowl.

Thanks for making me go and rewatch this scene.

Yep, Lelouch and Shirley are together in Heaven in the original

C.C's brown mozzarella

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post the full pic coward