Dagashi Kashi

You can't spell Hotaru without starting off HOT

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built for coconut's dad

I'll make sure to eat lots of pineapple and take zinc supplements for her

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You can't spell "meal" without ME, therefore I shall feed her my semen.

That doujin series where Hotaru fucks the shit outta Coconuts for 4 issues straight is the best. Really good epilogue to the series.

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Hi Nazuna.

i like both Hotaru and Saya.
i even saw Saya's doppelganger IRL at a funeral, she was literally Saya minus the fang (even though she had great teeth and she was in a suit).
she looked cool.
imagine pic related with a suit and pants.
also she was just as flat as Saya

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>doesn't have the ring eyes

Looked like a mousepad in the thumbnail

reminder that pochi made a better ending than the original

Hotaru and Coconuts heavily implied to be getting engaged isn't a bad ending, but yeah the sex is pretty good.

Seriously, it was right there

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>Hotaru thread only has 10 posters
This'll happen to your waifu someday too.

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built for huge shota cock

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candy red nails

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My wonderful gyaru girlfriend.

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Sexually frustrated cake
Your girlfriend is used goods

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true canon

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I can fix this too.

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Also can't spell it without "ho"

I really liked how they used candy to symbolize dick and cum, also how they shitted on flat girls